Boards & Commissions

  1. ADA Committee

    The ADA Committee’s continuing mission is to coordinate and monitor City ADA compliance.

  2. Board of Abatement

    Browse through agendas and minutes for the Board of Abatements.

  3. Board of Civil Authority

    Learn about the Board of Civil Authority and how it serves the community.

  4. Cemetery Commission

    The Cemetery Commission's functions include all aspects of the management and operations of the city's 2 cemeteries: Green Mount Cemetery and Elm Street Cemetery.

  5. Charter Revision Committee

    In October 2012, the Charter Revision Committee received its charge, “to analyze the contents of the city’s charter regarding anachronisms and items to be deleted, amended, or added.”

  6. Citizen Advisory Board

    The Citizen Advisory Board gives community input in setting goals, priorities, and policies for the MCJC.

  7. Conservation Commission

    The Conservation Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the Planning Commission on environmental matters such as land conservation, wetlands, biodiversity, and other natural features of the city.

  8. Design Review Committee

    The Design Control District was created to guide development in an area with particular historical, architectural, urban design, visual or cultural significance. The Design Review Committee's role is to advise the Development Review Board on matters concerning exterior alterations to land or properties in the Design Control District.

  9. Development Review Board

    As the name suggests, the Development Review Board (DRB) is responsible for reviewing development proposals in the City of Montpelier.

  10. Energy Advisory Committee

    The Montpelier Energy Advisory Committee was appointed by the City Council as an advisory group to the City on energy issues.

  11. MSAC Advisory Council

    Learn more information about the Montpelier Senior Activity Center (MSAC) Advisory Council.

  12. Historic Preservation Commission

    The Montpelier Historic Preservation Commission's main role is planning and advocacy for the protection and appreciation of Montpelier's historic and architecturally significant resources. How this is to be accomplished is a broad charge.

  13. Housing Authority

    The mission of the Montpelier Housing Authority is to promote, provide and preserve safe, decent and affordable housing in ways that support families, neighborhoods, and economic self-sufficiency.

  14. Housing Task Force

    The Montpelier Housing Task Force was organized in 1999 in order to gather and evaluate information regarding housing trends in the City, develop responses to housing concerns that are identified, and recommend housing policies to City Government.

  15. Loan Fund Committee

    The Montpelier Loan Fund Committee (MLFC) is a 3-member committee appointed by the City Council for 2-year terms to assist the Planning and Development Department, in its capacity as the Montpelier Community Development Agency, to managing the various loan programs that have been established for business and economic development.

  16. Montpelier Community Fund Board

    The Montpelier Community Fund (MCF) Board was created by the City Council in 2012 to review requests and recommend allocation of municipal funds to local non-profit organizations and individual artists.

  17. Montpelier Foundation

  18. Montpelier Street Lighting Committee

    This temporary committee is helping steer the City forwarding in improving the efficiency of its street and public space lighting by eliminating unnecessary street lighting and converting remaining lighting to LEDs.

  19. Parking Committee

    The City of Montpelier Parking Advisory Committee was formed by Montpelier City Council on April 10, 2013 to advise the Council on all matters of parking policy.

  20. Parks Commission

    The Parks Commission consists of 5 elected residents of the city with staggered terms. Commissioners are responsible for supervising Montpelier's Parks and its staff.

  21. Planning Commission

    The Planning Commission consists of 7 members appointed by the City Council for 2 year terms. Commissioners perform planning functions and duties as required by the City charter, City Zoning and Subdivision Regulations, State law, and the City Council.

  22. Recreation Department Advisory Board

    Understand the role of the Recreation Department Advisory Board in your community.

  23. School Board

    The purpose of the Board, on behalf of the citizens of Montpelier, is to see that the Montpelier Schools achieve appropriate results for students reflective of overall community values at an appropriate cost, and avoids unacceptable actions and situations.

  24. Sprinkler Variance Committee

    The Sprinkler Variance Committee was appointed by City Counsel to review applications for variances from the City Sprinkler Ordinance. The Committee meets on an as needed basis.

  25. Tree Board

    The purpose of the Tree Board is to protect the public health and welfare by improving and preserving the beauty of the city as it relates to street trees and park trees.

  26. Transportation Infrastructure Committee

  27. Complete Streets Group