City Clerk


1341 ballots cast

Article 1 (School Merger) - PASSED

YES: 770

NO: 518

Article 2 (School Directors)

School Director, term ending March 2019 (2 positions):

Steve Hingtgen 864

Peter Sterling 819

School Director, term ending March 2020 (3 positions):

Michele Braun 834

Tina Muncy 846

Jim Murphy 781

School Director, term ending March 2021 (2 positions):

Bridget Asay 898

Becky Bowen 789

Article 3 (Tax stabilization, 2/3rds vote needed) - PASSED

YES 950

NO 236

Article 4 (Leash law, Hubbard Park - advisory) - FAILED

YES 637

NO 678

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