Current Projects

  1. District Heat Montpelier

    District Heat Montpelier is a joint project of the City of Montpelier and the State of Vermont to provide local renewable energy to downtown Montpelier.

  2. Growth Center Designation

    The primary goal of the city in designating its growth center is to reverse the trend of a decreasing population in the last several decades by fostering new residential development in the growth center that meets the needs of city employees and captures and increasing proportion of the region's anticipated housing needs.

  3. 1 Taylor Street Redevelopment Project

    Learn about the Multi-Modal Transit Center project.

  4. Rezoning

    Following years of work by city staff and the Montpelier Planning Commission, the City had failed to come to agreements on what were the most appropriate zoning amendments to implement the vision established in the Montpelier Master Plan. To break the deadlock, the City hired Brandy Saxton of Placesense in January 2014 to help lead the discussion and facilitate a process to complete the zoning revision.

  5. Dickey Block Feasibility Study (ZIP)

    Review the study prepared for the City of Montpelier by Vermont Architects Collaborative in September, 2001.