Trail Conditions

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Welcome to Winter 2016/17! 

We're hoping it will be a good one with lots of skiing and magical parkscapes. 

Friday, December 23

We groomed Hubbard Park this morning... between seven fireplaces and the tower and a couple side trails. We tried to make it to the North Branch Nature Center but the hitch to groomer/trailer broke. Tried using just the snowmobile to smooth out the lower North Branch River park trail and Nature Center trail, which did improve conditions there but not as good as we could have done with groomer.  Given the upcoming weather, today is likely to be the best skiing for almost a week. Happy Holidays and Happy Trails!

Grooming patterns: If you are looking for freshly groomed trails, we most often groom in the morning off-peak hours (between 9 and 11am), then sometimes again if the conditions require it in the afternoon off-peak period (between 1 and 3pm). We occasionally also groom at night or in the early morning once we get some nice snow over a good base. We try to update this page and our facebook page directly after grooming. The North Branch Nature Park is groomed less frequently. In fact, we like to leave more un-groomed trails in that park for the folks who like skiing through powder. 

After a fresh snow: We groom parts of Hubbard right away, but may leave North Branch Park for people who enjoy skiing in fresh powder for a day. After it is tracked out some we make it over to the North Branch. When there is enough fresh snow we lay cross country skiing tracks on each side. If the weather prediction is for the near future includes temperatures rising above freezing we limit grooming as the packed snow, after it warms, can then turn to pack ice. If left alone work much better to groom after it gets  cold again.

Trail Etiquette: Our trails are shared by skiers, walkers, dogs, sledders, snowshoers and many people of all ages and abilities. We ask that walkers stick to the harder packed snow at the center of the trail and leave the each to the skiers. If we have enough powder we lay cross country classic ski tracks (parallel grooves in the snow) along the edge of the trails, and we ask that walkers, snowshoers and dogs be especially careful not to walk in the tracks.

 Of course, safety comes first so please be aware of ice and wear ice spikes when conditions are appropriate. 


1/13: The trails are exceedingly icy...almost as bad as we've ever seen! Please do not ski or sled, and only walk with traction footwear. See our facebook page for gruesome pictures of the trail conditions: 

12/16, 11:30am: We groomed the trails for the first time this season. All the trails in the park are in great condition if you don't mind the cold!