Free Activities & Events

In addition to our classes, we also offer lots of lectures, presentations, activities, meals, and groups that are open to all seniors at no cost. In fact, during the average week, we have more than 30 hours of free programming. Click the headers to learn about all the great activities in which you can become involved!

For more information or an updated schedule, refer to our latest newsletter, sign up for our email list, or call us at 802-223-2518.
  1. Clinics & Services

    Obtain information about free clinics, services, and classes provided by the Montpelier Senior Activity Center.

  2. Free Classes

  3. Drop-In Groups

    Do you know about all the great free groups that meet on a regular basis at MSAC? Drop-in — they are always looking for new participants.

  4. Games

    Find information about gaming groups available weekly.

  5. Lectures, Events & Presentations

    There's always something interesting happening at the Montpelier Senior Activity Center.

  6. Meals

    The FEAST senior nutrition program provides healthful and delicious meals to the community.

  7. Savoy DVD Archive