1. Barre Street

    The Barre Street neighborhood includes Barre Street (from Main to Pioneer Street) and also Downing Street, Monsignor Crosby, Wilder Street, Nelson Street, and a portion of Sibley Avenue.

  2. Berlin Street

    The Berlin Street neighborhood includes River Street/302 (from the intersection of Hill and River Streets, to the city limit), Moonlight Terrace, Sherwood Drive, Forest Drive, Hill Street, Berlin Street and all roads adjacent to Berlin Street.

  3. College Hill

    The College Hill Neighborhood is roughly bounded by College Street on the east side, St. Paul and Hubbard Streets to the west, Main Street to the north, and Kent and Foster Streets to the south.

  4. Downtown/Cliffside

    The Downtown/Cliffside Neighborhood is comprised of the Cliffside and Historic Downtown groups.

  5. Elm Street

    The Elm Street Neighborhood area extends from Cummings Street to City Dump Road. It was originally call the "Lower Elm Street" neighborhood.

  6. Meadow

    The Meadow is comprised of Elm Street (from Spring to Cummings Street), Spring, Summer, Winter, Vine, and Pearl Streets.

  7. Murray Hill

    The Murray Hill neighborhood is comprised of Murray Hill Drive, Cityside Drive, Sunset Avenue, Towne Street, North College Street, and Main Street (from the intersection of Towne Hill Road to the city limit). Towne Street is a sub-area of Murray Hill.

  8. North Street

    The North Street Neighborhood is made up of Franklin, North Franklin, Lane Shops, Hillhead, Mechanic, Cross, North, Ewing, Peck, Lincoln and Main Street on the north side from the round about to Lincoln.

  9. Northfield Street

    The Northfield Street neighborhood extends up Northfield Street to Colonial Drive, Independence Green, and Freedom drive. It follows National Life Drive west to Memorial Drive, Green Mountain Drive, and Dog River Road.

  10. Park West/Toy Town

    The Park West/Toy Town Neighborhood encompasses streets and areas west of the capitol building: Bailey Avenue, Terrace Street, Clarendon Street, Deerfield Drive, Pembroke Heights, State Street, and Toy Town.

  11. PleasantHood

    The PleasantHood neighborhood is a smaller neighborhood located within the Berlin/Hill Street area.

  12. Stonewall Meadows

    Stonewall Meadows neighborhood consists of 3 streets: Hebert Road, Judson Drive, and Isabel Circle. In addition to about 60 houses on these streets, the area also includes the Hebert Farms apartments and the Stonewall Meadows Condominiums.

  13. Towne Hill/Gallison Hill

    The Towne Hill neighborhood includes Towne Hill Road (from Coolidge Street to Bliss Road) and the adjacent streets Grandview Terrace, Chestnut Hill, Phillips, Dover, Spring Hollow Lane, Woodcrest, Greenock, Dyer, Westwood, and Hackamore.

  14. Towne Street

    Towne Street is a smaller neighborhood located adjacent to the Murray Hill neighborhood and is comprised of: Towne Street, North College Street, and Sunset.

  15. Upper Elm Street/Wrightsville Rural

    The Upper Elm area extends from Gould Hill Road to Horn of the Moon Road.