2014-2016 Zoning Rewrite

Following years of work by city staff and the Montpelier Planning Commission, the City had failed to come to agreements on what were the most appropriate zoning amendments to implement the vision established in the Montpelier Master Plan. To break the deadlock, the City hired Brandy Saxton of Placesense in January 2014 to help lead the discussion and facilitate a process to complete the zoning revision.

Zoning Goal

The goals of our permitting process include:
  • a faster, more efficient and more predictable decisions
  • better planned projects (more functional and sustainable)
  • better designed projects (aesthetically appealing)

Zoning Process

The process will result in a new zoning map as well as a new complete rewrite of the zoning bylaws. The meeting notes, draft bylaws, and maps are all found here. These all continue to be working drafts with ongoing edits until the Planning Commission is comfortable with a final discussion draft.

This process will continue through the remainder of 2015 and into 2016 where the Planning Commission will have an extensive public outreach and education to explain the results.

Comments & Public Input

Public input is always welcome and can be sent to Mike Miller, Director of Planning and Community Development. The Planning Commission may not address each concern or comment at the time they are received but each will be reviewed and considered.

At the conclusion of the public input period the Planning Commission and City Council will begin the adoption process where more comments and changes will take place until ultimately a final draft is adopted.