Completed Projects

  1. Adopted 2010 Master Plan

    On November 18, 2010 the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission approved the 2010 Master Plan and the City's planning process has been confirmed.

  2. Barriers to Housing

    The Barriers to Housing Committee met through the summer of 2011 to explore potential solutions to the need for housing that is affordable for working families.

  3. Fiscal Impacts of Growth

    Michael Crane and Associates, in collaboration with Jeffrey Carr, were hired by the City in the summer of 2004 through a municipal planning grant to study the likely impacts of residential and commercial growth on the City's fiscal well-being.

  4. Greening America's Capitals

    Review the plans for the Greening America's Capitals project.

  5. The Sabin's Pasture Area Project

    The Sabin's Pasture Area Working Group is a coalition of stakeholders assembled by the Trust for Public Land (TPL) in October 2007, and whose purpose is to plan for the future of the Sabin's Pasture (Zorzi) property, and to determine its future land use if it is acquired by the City and TPL.

  6. Montpelier in Motion

    One of the hallmarks of a thriving, livable community is a network of streets that are on a human scale and enable safe access for pedestrian and bicycle transit.

  7. Berlin & River Streets Water Main

    In addition to the capacity upgrades needed, the existing water mains were in very poor condition.

  8. Capital Area Neighborhoods (CAN!)

    The Montpelier CAN! project encourages neighbors to connect with neighbors in order to build community, ease emergency management, and promote civic engagement.

  9. Cliff Street & Elm Street Area Rockslide

    Access project information for the Cliff Street and Elm Street area rockslide.

  10. Combined Sewer Overflow Project

    The project consists of storm/sewer separation on 5 streets.

  11. Downtown Traffic & Circulation Simulation

    The City of Montpelier has created a project to work on the traffic congestion in downtown Montpelier.

  12. Economic Development

    Learn about the Economic Development Projects recently completed by the Community Development Department.

  13. Housing

    Review projects completed by the Community Development Department relating to housing.

  14. Langdon Street Bridge

    The Langdon Street Bridge project consisted of replacing the bridge deck with a pre-cast structure known as an Inverset bridge which is constructed of steel beam and concrete decking, tied together with steel diaphragms.

  15. Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Update (PDF)

    Discover information about the Local Hazard Mitigation Plan update.

  16. May 24, 2003 Fire on Main Street

    May 24, 2003 began like most other spring Saturdays in downtown Montpelier, with area residents and visitors enjoying the leisure delights of the weekend; but by 3 p.m., a fire would devastate 2 historic downtown commercial buildings on Main Street, displace several businesses and customers, and leave behind a sense of shock and loss.

  17. Metered Photovoltaic Electricity Generation

    Access information about Group-net-metered photovoltaic electricity generation on City properties.

  18. Montpelier 21st Century Design Contest

    The City of Montpelier has set ambitious goals of encouraging housing development over the next several years – the Master Plan adopted in 2010 set a target of 50 units per year.

  19. Montpelier City Hall Rear Lot Structure Study

    The City of Montpelier hired the firm of Wilbur Smith Associates in the Spring of 2003 to assess the feasibility of constructing a parking structure on 1 or both of 2 parking lots behind City Hall and to develop of a conceptual design of such a facility.

  20. North Street Retaining Wall

    The project involves the demolition and disposal of existing asbestos coated bin retaining wall and reconstruction of 1,060 square foot segmental concrete block retaining wall with geogrid soil reinforcement and appurtenances.

  21. Public Facilities & Services

    Get information about the recently completed renovations of public facilities and services.

  22. Safe Routes to School Infrastructure Program

    The Safe Routes to School Infrastructure Program is a school zone safety and pedestrian enhancement project in the vicinity of the Main Street Middle School.

  23. State Street Sidewalk & Lighting Project

    The project took place within the State Street right-of-way limits from Main Street westerly to the Taylor Street/Governor Davis Avenue intersection.

  24. Taylor Street Bridge Project

    This project is designed for the rehabilitation of BR5 located on Taylor Street in Montpelier.

  25. Turntable Park

    The City of Montpelier began an aggressive strategy to improve the economic vitality of its downtown and its riverfront areas in 1993.

  26. Union Elementary School Playground Project

    This now-complete project involved a replacement of pressure-treated playground equipment for Montpelier's Union Elementary School.

  27. US Route 2 / 302 Intersection Improvements

    Current studies show that over the past 10 years the US Route 2 / 302 intersection in Montpelier, Vermont has moved from 12th up to the 6th highest accident location in the State with 50 accidents within a period of 5 years.

  28. Vine Street Pedestrian Bridge Project

    The project involves the replacement and upgrade to the aging pedestrian bridge that spans the North Branch of the Winooski River between Vine Street and Mechanic Street.