Construction Schedule

The projects planned for the 2016 construction season are:

Paving Schedule

  • Bailey Ave- From Clarendon Ave to End (150’ past Sunnyside)
  • Cedar St- Full Street
  • Clarendon Ave- From Jordon to Dairy Lane
  • Dairy Lane- From Terrace to Greenfield Terrace
  • Heaton Ave-  From Liberty to Heaton Woods
  • Gaylord St- Full Street
  • N College St- Full Street
  • Terrace St- From Bailey Ave to Dairy Lane
  • Towne St- Full Street
  • Sunnyside – Full Street
  • Sunset- Full Street
  • Crack Sealing, Wheel Rut Patching, and Infrared Patching (Routine Maintenance list to be developed)
  • Pavement Markings Contract including bike lane stencils, sharrows, and crosswalks


  • Spring St Bridge (approach slab replacement and deck rehab)

Traffic Improvements

  • Main at Northfield Left Turn

Retaining Walls and Slope Stabilization

  • East State St
  • River St
  • Marvin St

Sidewalks and Bike Paths

  • Bailey Ave
  • Clarendon Av
  • Heaton St
  • Crosswalk Enhancement Grant
  • Montpelier in Motion
  • State St Sidewalk
  • Bike Path Resurfacing (Possible)

Storm Drains and Culverts

  • Upper Bailey Ave Storm Line
  • Bailey Ave Crossline
  • North St (Near Hillhead)
  • Isabel Circle Drainage Structure
  • Towne St - (CSO)
  • Hebert Road- Culvert Liner


  • Gaylord Utility Reconstruction