Special Event / Street Closure Information

The City of Montpelier is proud to host events that have public benefit to our community. Our Special Event/Street Closure policy outlines the process and requirements for requesting a Street Closure or those seeking to hold a parade/march.  Permission to use public space is a privilege which is granted at the sole discretion of the City Council. 

As part of that policy, City staff will provide notice to downtown businesses and residents.  Such notices will be posted on this page.

Policy and Permit

Requested Street Closures

Approved Street Closures

May 17, 2018:  Rolling closure on State Street. Closed from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM for the Vermont Corporate Cup State Agency Race. Approved Street Closure Application

Week of May 21, 2018 + :  Taylor Street Bridge.  Closed 24 hours from May 21 to May 25th OR May 30th as necessary for VTrans Taylor Street Project.  Approved Bridge Closure  Detour Map

May 28, 2018:  Main Street from the roundabout to the State House on State Street.   Rolling closure from 9 AM - 11 AM for the Montpelier Veterans Council Memorial Day Parade.  Approved Street Closure Permit Application.

June 9, 2018:  Langdon Street.  Closed from 7 AM - 11 AM for Central Vermont Runners' Capital City Stampede.  Approved Street Closure Application.