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Natural History
Photos on this page courtesy of MT Bytes, LLC

Hubbard Park has several impressive stands of white pine, red pine and hemlock. The center area of Hubbard Park is a designated natural area. In certain areas of the park, notably near the tower, can be found majestic red oaks, even more remarkable given they are on the northern edge of their range. A number of impressive beech trees can also be found in the Park. Many, many young beech can be found (as well as white ash), in a number of areas of the Park, which are examples of succession to the climax stage of forest. A range of habitats can be found including meadows, softwood and
hardwood stands, swamps and thickets.396862_10151941971060398_592398740_n.jpg

Not too far from the tower a beautiful little white birch grove can be found. On the east side,down from the tower, an old fence row still has some anciet sugar maples clinging to life. Probably tapped early in their lives, they now have large sections of rotten wood, with twisted patches of intact bark bringing what nutrients are needed to,and from, the branches above. 

Habitats around Hubbard Park 

Swamps, Yellow birch/Hemlock forests, Beech/Maple and Red Oak, White and Red Pine, fields/meadows, a small pond, a couple small brooks, thickets and more can be found in Hubbard Park.


As far as trees go... balsam fir, spruce, red maple, sugar maple, hop hornbeam, Norway spruce, Butternut, white birch, and even a few living Elm trees can be found in the different forest types here!

Features of Hubbard Park

 Old Shelter Pavilion  dsc_0199.jpg
Located on top of a grassy hill with a beautiful view, the Old Shelter has access to a ball field in the area and the sledding hill during the winter months. The Old Shelter includes picnic tables, a water fountain and a a grill. There is a composting toilet nearby this shelter as well. Please be aware that the Old Shelter is not handicap friendly and all shelters have a Carry in - Carry out policy. Keep our park beautiful and take your trash with you! Before using the Old Shelter without a reservation, check the reservation wall in the shelter to be sure that the shelter will be free for your time of use. 



New Shelter Pavilion
Hubbard Park's New Shelter is a handicap friendly pavilion that is great for the whole family! A composting toilet is located right across the road from the New Shelter. This area has a small field with room for children and dogs to run around! There are picnic tables, a grill and a water fountain located at this shelter. If using the shelter without a reservation, be sure to check the reservation posts to make sure that there is not a reservation during your time of use. Remember, Hubbard Park has a Carry in - Carry out policy. Please keep our parks beautiful and take your trash with you! 


Seven Fireplaces
Right in the middle of the forest is Hubbard Park's Seven Fireplaces. In this area, there are a number of fireplaces designated for campfires by park users. There is also a grill located in the area and a composting toilet at the entrance of the Seven Fireplaces. Trails leading to the North Branch Nature Center and to Hubbard Park's Fitness Trails are located at the Seven Fireplaces. Hubbard Park has a Carry in - Carry out policy. Please keep our parks clean and beautiful. Remember to take your trash with you! Take only pictures and leave only footprints. 


 The Tower
Built in 1915 and finished in 1930, the tower is located on the highest point of Hubbard Park. Climb up the stairs to get a priceless view of Vermont's little capital and beyond. Be sure to wander around the base of the tower and roam around the fruit and nut trees planted in order to attract wildlife park users. A picnic table and benches are located on the premises of the tower. A composting toilet is also located on the grounds of the tower. Remember Hubbard Park has a Carry in - Carry out policy. Please take all trash with you and leave only footprints behind. 

 Reserving a Shelter
If you would like to reserve either the old or new shelter, please call Montpelier Parks at 802-223-7335 with your NAME, CONTACT INFORMATION, DATE OF EVENT, NUMBER OF PEOPLE and TIME OF EVENT
Rules When Reserving a Shelter: 

1. We discourage the use of glass at the events that individuals are holding at the shelters. There are a lot of children and dogs that come through the shelters and we want to avoid anyone getting hurt by broken glass. 

2. Reservations are limited to a 4 hour time block. 

3. Reservations are posted on the shelter the morning of the event. If you are at the shelter without a reservation, you must honor if there is a reservation at the shelter and leave before the event. 

4. Montpelier Parks has a Carry in - Carry out policy. When holding an even, Please make sure you take all trash and belongings with you when you leave. Please be responsible and leave the shelters as clean or cleaner than when you arrived. Keep our parks beautiful please! 

5. For a group of 25 or more people, a Group Permission Form must be sent to the Parks Commission at least six weeks prior to the requested date. The Parks Commission will review the information and notify the group. Large groups are usually required to rent and provide a port-a-potty,  especially if they will be using the shelter for four hours.  

6. Shelter reservations are free to Montpelier residents. Non residents may reserve shelters for a  fee of $25.00 for a group of 25 or fewer individuals. For a group of 25-100 individuals, the charge of use is $50.00. For a group of 100 or more individuals, the charge of use is $100.00. 

Thank You!