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Economic Development

Economic Development

This is a dynamic time for economic development in Montpelier.  Many conversations and productive efforts are being pursued for bringing renewed economic vitality to the City.  The City’s office of Planning and Community Development, Montpelier Alive’s Economic Development Committee, members of the business community, City Council, and many others are rolling up their sleeves and engaging in productive discussions and actions to bring even more strength to the economy of this Capital City. Stay tuned to this website for further information. For questions, please contact Kevin Casey, Community Development Specialist at 223-9507, or

Interested in Starting a Business?

Montpelier has many resources to help you succeed!  Montpelier is a dynamic community with many enterprising individuals and groups who are eager to work with you to make your business succeed.  Following are some key resources:

Central Vermont Economic Development Corporation

Contact: Sam Anderson, Executive Vice President

CVEDC works on regional economic development through assistance to and promotion of area businesses.  CVEDC works with industry sector business such as insurance, high-tech, and value added businesses.  Contact Sam at (802) 223-4654, or

Vermont Small Business Development Center

Contact: Dave Rubel

VtSBDC provides no-cost, confidential business advising and low-cost training services to all small businesses and new ventures in Vermont. VtSBDC business advisors are highly trained, experienced business people committed, as individuals and as a team, to working with the new small business owner.  Contact Dave at, or at (802) 223-4654.

The Central Vermont Chamber

Contact: George Malek
The Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary association of nearly 500 businesses, organizations, and public officials.  It offers a variety of programs and services, but it also helps inform residents on policy issues that affect the region's economic health.  The Chamber promotes Central Vermont, provides advertising opportunities to businesses, discounts and services to members, and volunteer and social opportunities to individuals.  Contact George Malek at, or at (802) 229-5711.

Montpelier Alive

Contact: Ashley Witzenberger

Phayvanh works with business groups in downtown Montpelier t and is able to provide one on one and referral assistance.  Montpelier Alive works with the Vermont Downtown Network.  Contact Ashley at, or at (802) 223-9604.

City of Montpelier Community Development Office

Contact: Kevin Casey

The City of Montpelier Community Development office works on proactive economic and community development initiatives including efforts at infill development and housing development.  We can offer assistance with loans and tax incentives.  Contact Kevin at, or at (802) 223-9507.

City of Montpelier City Manager’s Office

Contact Beverlee Pembroke-Hill

Bev is the current President of the Central Vermont Development Corporation and has a long history with city economic issues.  Contact Bev at, or at (802) 223-9512. 

Montpelier Business Association

Contact Andrew Brewer

If you’re interesting in setting up a retail business in downtown Montpelier and are ready to locate in a storefront or other space downtown, Andrew is ready to assist you on how to best meet your business needs.  Contact Andrew at

Other Contacts

Vermont Secretary of State

The Secretary of State’s Office of Professional Regulation handles licensing, certification, registration and disciplinary matters for 45 professions and occupations.  Website:

Vermont Department of Taxes

The Vermont Department of Taxes offers assistance for businesses in setting up tax accounts and business registration.  For assistance call Tax Services at Taxpayer Services at 802.828.2551