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District Heat Montpelier

The District Heat Montpelier is a joint project of the City of Montpelier and the State of Vermont to provide local renewable energy to downtown Montpelier. With the rebuilding of the State’s existing central heating plant, modern wood-fired boilers will heat the Capitol Complex and connections will be put in place to expand its service area to City and School buildings as well as connect to private buildings in downtown Montpelier. Once built out benefits of District Heat include:
  • Reduced health threatening air emissions from fuel combustion in downtown Montpelier by as much as 11 tons per year.
  • Replacement of approximately 300,000 gallons of oil per year between the State and downtown buildings as a prime fuel source with locally/regionally produced wood chips keeping that economic activity in the northeast.
  • Fuel cost stabilization for city government and the school department allowing tax dollars to potentially be redirected toward services or infrastructure rather than to pay rising oil prices.
  • An economic development opportunity in downtown Montpelier by providing a cleaner and potentially cheaper source of heat for private building owners.
  • The removal of many private oil furnaces and underground fuel oil storage tanks to be removed from potential flood areas.
On this page you will find up-to-date information on the City of Montpelier’s efforts to make these infrastructure improvements.