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 Community and International working in our parks for another week!!!

They have been helping with improving Blanchard Park and rebuilding the Statehouse path retaining wall.

 Thanks to Twinfield High School and Pacem for their community service days helping the parks!!!!

Fire in Hubbard Park
Saturday, May 9th

Please be careful with anything fire related! For the record, smoking is now against park rules..... Below are pictures of a fire in Hubbard Park last Saturday, most likely started from a cigarette! Fires must be within dedicated fireplaces in the park and should be a responsible size.

The fire started in a ditch on the steep road going up to the tower. Even though a couple saw it when it was still small the were unable to put it out as the ground was so dry the fire grew quickly. Many thanks to the Montpelier Fire Department (and park crew) whose efforts limited the scope of the fire and put it out.

Signs of Spring

Bluets and other spring flowers are emerging all around the parks!



Talented Volunteers Needed for Wood-Working & Public Education Projects
We are seeking out skilled volunteers to help us complete some interesting projects, while offering our trainees and volunteers useful lessons and experience! Check out the positions below, and keep an eye out for more in the near future. If you are interested in any of these positions, or have some other fun ideas. If you tried contacting us before try again as we had trouble with out link.
Happy trails!!!

If you tried this link before, please try again as the email address was spelled wrong in the link!
contact us here

Wooden Sculpture Making
We are hoping to find one or two skilled artists to help create wooden sculptures for Montpelier Parks out of stumps, logs and/or lumber. There is a lot of room for creativity in the design, as we are just hoping to create some additional beauty and fun for park visitors.

Rustic or Artistic Benches
We are also looking for some carpenters who are willing to volunteer their time and knowledge to a group of trainees and volunteers looking to gain building experience. For this project, we will be building some rustic benches for the parks. There is some creative freedom here to design unique and interesting benches inspired by the outdoors.

Fitness Trail Signage 
Looking for a volunteer or group of volunteers that would be interested in helping Montpelier Parks update the signage on our fitness trail. The fitness trail runs through hubbard park and includes numerous stations with different, fun workouts for visitors to try. The signs for each workout station are fading and outdated. We would love to find some volunteers interested in photography and signage layout to help us replace these signs! We are hoping to find volunteers that would like to work with our own trainees and volunteers in order to show them your design and creation process!

Nature Trail Interpretive Signage
We are looking for volunteers interested in outdoor education to join us on an exciting project! We are hoping to update our nature trail with new, interpretive signage related to the various ecosystems and forest types that the trail passes through. These range from hillsides and various forest types to springs, a vernal pool, and a wetland. We would like to create signage for different spots that could change with the season and engage the reader. Another part of this process would include working with our trainees and volunteers to create the signs, so that they could benefit from your knowledge as well!

Natural Playground Structure Design & Build
Looking for volunteers to lead Montpelier Parks trainees and volunteers in making some fun natural playground features for a play area in Hubbard Park! These will be made from logs, branches, and other interesting natural materials found in the park. We are looking for someone who is creative and can imagine fun play elements, while also keeping the safety of children in mind. The focus of this play area is on music from nature. Some wooden xylophones have already been created and we would love to expand this idea with wooden drums and more. The perfect volunteers should have good woodworking skills, and be able to share those with the trainees and volunteers through good leadership and supervision. We would like this to be an educational and engaging building experience for all!

Wooden Sign Makers
We are looking for a volunteer(s) to help us create better trail signage while offering their advice and expertise to our trainees and volunteers. Sign making will be done primarily with a router, so we are looking for people with experience using this tool, who pay close attention to details.The perfect volunteers will have woodworking experience, as well as leadership and supervision skills to make sure that jobs are done well and safely.

National Life Trail Railing
Montpelier Parks is looking for a skilled woodworker to help us design and create an artistic, curved railing for the National Life trail. This railing will be placed on a steep area of the trail to make use safer. We are hoping to find a woodworker who is interested in leading this project while showing our trainees and volunteers how it’s done!

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 Park Commission Planning Documents
Working drafts of a Park commission vision for city parks and trails in Montpelier.
Click on links (in blue) to download a copy of the vision or description
Parks Greenprint is a map of the vision
Description of the vision as proposed by the Parks Commission
How the vision could happen is through purchase, grants and/ or donations

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