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December 15th park commission meeting

Attention Hubbard Park Users

The Park Way entrance to Hubbard Park off of Spring Street is now open to two way traffic for the winter. This makes driving down from the park much safer, as the Winter Street route can be very slippery and dangerous due to the steep slope.

Be very cautious and aware when using the Park Way entrance! It is much easier to see cars coming the opposite direction with the leaves all gone for the season, however it still requires slow and careful driving.

Stay warm out there!

Thank You to All Who Were Able to Support the
Enchanted Forest

We received essential donations and some amazing volunteers thanks to...

Settlement Farm 
Vermont Technical College's Orchard
Burtt's Orchard
Capitol Copy
Tractor Supply Co.
Shaw's Supermarket
Bragg Farm
New England Culinary Institute
U-32 High School

Thank you to all of our neighbors who came to the event and supported Montpelier Parks!

Youth Build Projects This Fall
Montpelier Parks has teamed up with Youth Build many times in the past and is always impressed by their hard work!

Last week's group raked Summer Street Park and the Hubbard Park roads before lots of rain came our way. This made the parks safer for everyone brave enough to adventure in the rain.

This week's Youth Build students worked on e re-building a garden shed to make it usable and attractive. They will practice their construction skills alongside their AmeriCorps leader and the Parks crew. 

We look forward to many more collaborations with Youth Build!

New Natural Play Area in Hubbard Park
The first element of our new natural play area at Hubbard Park is ready! Thanks to the team woodworking class at Yestermorrow Design/Build School for making the funky main piece of this play structure! You can find it by the ball fields behind the beautiful field maze. 


Welcoming Our New AmeriCorps VISTA member to the Parks

As sad as it was to say goodbye to our previous AmeriCorps member, Stephanie, we are excited to have a new AmeriCorps VISTA, Sophie, working at the parks. Sophie recently graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in environmental science and is excited to get to work. She hopes to to do a lot of community projects and start some fun programs in the parks, so feel free to contact her with your unique ideas! You can also
contact her about volunteering opportunities and more!


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 Park Commission Planning Documents

Working drafts of a Park commission vision for city parks and trails in Montpelier.
Click on links (in blue) to download a copy of the vision or description
Parks Greenprint is a map of the vision
Description of the vision as proposed by the Parks Commission
How the vision could happen is through purchase, grants and/ or donations

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