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City Manager's Weekly Reports

City Manager's Weekly Report  10-2-15

     *   Recreation Department's October Bulletin   

City Manager's Weekly Report  9-25-15 

     *   District Heath Montpelier - Heating Season Review:  10-1-14 through 4-30-15 
     *   "We Walk Week" Flyer

City Manager's Weekly Report  9-18-15 

     *   Press Release:  City Releases Presentation and Survey in Advance of Community Budget

City Manager's Weekly Report  9-11-15 

     *   River Clean Up Notice from "Friends of the Winooski"
     *   Montpelier Downtown Improvement District (DID) - Recap of Use of DID Funds in FY '15 and  Proposal for Use of DID Funds in FY'16
     *   Announcement of Budget Forums
     *   City Council Goals (with Performance Measures)

City Manager's Weekly Report  9-04-15 

City Manager's Weekly Report  8-28-15 

     *   Montpelier Housing Authority Letter w/Payment in Lieu of Taxes

City Manager's Weekly Report  8-21-15  

     *   Main Street and Barre Street Intersection Traffic Study

City Manager's Weekly Report  8-14-15 

     *   Early, Pre-Audit Detail Budget Status Reports:  7-1-14 through 6-30-15
     *   Job Opening:  Administrative Assistant for Police Department

City Mport 1-24-14

* 2014 Parade Permits: Updated 1-13-14
* Notice: Conservation Commission Vacancies
* Notice: Energy Committee Vacancy

City Manager's Weekly Report 1-17-14

* Police Department Public Notice - Parking Fee Increases

City Manager's Weekly Report 1-10-14

City Manager's Weekly Report 1-03-14

* Ad: Part-time Program and Development Coordinator for MSAC
* Letter from Tree Board re: Fiscal Planning for Ash Tree Removals
* Press Release: City Takes Ownership of 1 Taylor Street
* Press Release: Aggravated Assault Arrest


     *   Ad - Montpelier Investment Committee Vacancy

City Manager's Weekly Report 12-5-14 
     *   Montpelier in Motion - Public Session Flyer

City Manager's Weekly Report   11-21-14 

     *   Winter Parking Ban Flyer

City Manager's Weekly Report   11-14-14 

     *   Parade Permits:  Update 11-14-14
     *   Press Release:  Winter Parking Ban

City Manager's Weekly Report   11-07-14  

     *   Thank You Letter from Congressman Louise Slaughter
     *   Notice:  CVPSA Board Vacancy

City Manager's Weekly Report   10-31-14   

     *   Press Release:  Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested
     *   Press Release:  Transition Plan for DPW

City Manager's Weekly Report  10-24-14

     *   Thank You Note to the Montpelier Police Department
     *   Thank You Note from NE Chapter of the National MS Society
     *   Barre and Granite Street Construction Update
     *   Detailed Budget Status Report:  July 1, 2013 - September 30, 2014:  
               Memo to City Council
               Detailed Budget Status Report

City Manager's Weekly Report  10-17-14 
     *  ="/upload/groups/401/images/pdf.gif" />

     *  VLCT Newsletter with Town Fair 2015 Information

City Manager's Weekly Report   7-17-15  %3; Parade Permits
     *   Draft Land Use Regulations - Progress Report  9-24-14
     *   Parking Committee Meeting Minutes:  9-17-14
     *   VTrans Update on I-89 Paving
     *   Montpelier in Motion - Press Release
     *   Montpelier in Motion - Flyer

City Manager's Weekly Report  9-19-14 

     *   Press Release:  Bear Pond Books and Just Basics Inc.'s Montpelier Food Pantry Window Drive
     *   VTrans Notice re:  I-89 Paving Project
     *   ICMA Conference Summary
br />
     *   Press Release:  Armed Robbery Investigation
     *   Press Release:  Burglary Investigation
     *   Press Release:  Preparing for Potential Flooding
     *   Memo:  Dual Utility Poles Status Update and Montpelier DP (Complete Sort)

City Manager's Weekly Report   3-20-15  

     *   Ad:  Emergency Services Communications Supervisor for Police Department
     *   Act 250 - Notice of Bike Path Hearing and Map
     *   Press Release:  Arrests Made in Recent Burglaries

City Manager's Weekly Report   3-13-15  

     *   Press Release:  Arrest of Federal Parolee for Burglary src="/upload/groups/401/files/2015-03-13_press_release_-_pd_investigates_multiple_burglaries.pdf" />Press Release:  PD Investigates Multiple Burglaries
     *   Press Release:  Arrest of Suspect for Selling Heroin in a School Zone
     *   Press Release:  Flood Precaution

City Manager's Weekly Report  3-06-15  

     *   Thank You Letter from Bill Johnson re: DPW
     *   Parade Permits:  Updated March 5th
     *   One Taylor Street Redevelopment Project Timeline

City Manager's Weekly Report  2-27-15  

     *   Thank You Note re: Public width="16" height="16" src="/upload/groups/401/images/pdf.gif" alt="" />

     *   Press Release:  City Reaches Spraying Agreement with Railroad
     *   Ad:  Montpelier Community Fund Board Vacancies
     *   Ad:  East Central Vermont Telecommunications District Vacancies

City Manager's Weekly Report   7-10-15  

Merged Version of Updates to City Council's 2015-16 Goals
City Council Minutes:  9-8-2010
City Manager's Weekly Report  7-02-15  

     *   Updates on City Council Goals from:   Public Works
                                                                  Planning & Community Development
                                                                  City Manager's Office

City Manager's Weekly Report  6-26-15  

     *   July 3rd Independence Day Celebration Schedule
     *   Project Timeline for Launch of City's New Website