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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of seven members appointed by the City Council for two year terms. Commissioners perform planning functions and duties as required by the City charter, City Zoning and Subdivision Regulations, State law (24 VSA § 4325), and the City Council.

At its meeting on July 24, 2002, the City Council created a Development Review Board and appointed members to a newly constituted Planning Commission. This marks a new era for planning in Montpelier.

With the creation of the new Development Review Board, this Planning Commission is now freed up to focus on planning. High priorities in the coming year(s) include, but are not limited to:
  • major update of the Montpelier Master Plan, including a significant re-evaluation of the City's land use and development policies;
  • update Montpelier's sign regulations;
  • update Montpelier's Design Review guidelines;
  • update Montpelier's impact fee ordinance;
  • re-evaluate and update Montpelier's parking regulations; participate in the preparation of the Capital Budget and Program;
  • study mechanisms for open space protection;
  • study mechanisms to promote the creation of new housing, and affordable housing in particular;
  • develop lighting standards; and
  • engage the community in carrying out the above initiatives.
Fiscal Impacts of Growth

Michael Crane & Associates, in collaboration with Jeffrey Carr, were hired by the City in the summer of 2004 through a municipal planning grant to study the likely impacts of residential and commercial growth on the City's fiscal well-being. One goal was to separate fact from fiction; another was to get a better handle on this issue to help the Planning Commission--and the community as a whole--to develop sound land use policies in the update of the Monptelier Master Plan. On Monday, January 24, 2005, Michael Crane presented is preliminary report to the Planning Commission. Though the cover still has the January 24, 2005 date on it, the final report can be downloaded HERE.

Sabin's Pasture

Information about the variety of issues considered regarding the future of
the Aja - Zorzi / "Sabin's Pasture" area can be found on the Sabin's Pasture pages of the Works In Progress section of the City's Web site.

Proposed Zoning Districts

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Planning Commission Meeting


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