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Parks Commission

The Parks Commission consists of five elected residents of the city with staggered terms. Commissioners are responsible for supervising Montpelier's Parks and its staff. Scroll down on this page for minutes and meeting agendas, and information on recent topics that have come before the commission such as incident reporting, dog policies and mountain biking.

Elected Park Commissioners

Emily Boedecker, Chair
Lyn Munno
Bryan Pfeiffer
Kip Roberts
(vacant seat)

The Parks Commission normally meets monthly in conference room of the Police Station (if not there check the Memorial Room at City Hall). The public is welcome to attend any of its meetings. Please contact Geoff Beyer, Parks Director, for further information.  Meeting Minutes are posted in Meeting minutes of the City's website  main page and in the parks department sections.

Contact the Parks Commisson. We have a new email address. Please send all comments, questions and reports to

Dear Montpelier Residents:

It comes as no surprise that the prospect of mountain biking in Hubbard Park is already a lively topic for discussion. In January the Montpelier Parks Commission will consider a proposal from the Montpelier Area Mountain Bike Association (MAMBA) to allow bicyclists to share certain park trails – not all of them. As you may know, bicycling is currently only allowed on the roads in Hubbard Park, including the seven fireplaces loop.

We can all agree that Hubbard Park is a cherished Montpelier resource. As your elected Commissioners, we’re planning an intelligent and respectful public discussion about mountain biking in the park. Options might range from biking on some trails to additional trail construction to no additional biking at all. We are pleased to see that many people are already discussing these ideas. Once we see MAMBA’s detailed proposal, which is only one option for the park, we will share it with the community. Our first public hearing on this MAMBA proposal will be in January.

At the Parks Commission meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 18, we will be discussing other items, including the budget, the process for the January meeting, and a new proposal for a disc golf course in Hubbard Park. An item currently posted on the agenda for winter mountain biking has been withdrawn.

All meeting agendas, minutes and other pertinent information for the Parks Commission is posted on this page.
To comment on these and any other Parks Commission business, please send your messages to:

Emily Boedecker, Chair
Lyn Munno
Bryan Pfeiffer
Kip Roberts

Spring 2014 MAMBA Mountain Bike Proposal
MAMBA brought a proposal for mountain biking to the Parks Commission in spring 2014. At the October 2014 meeting the commission agreed to take up the question of mountain biking with a public meeting planned for January 2015.  The documents below are from the spring proposal. We anticipate an updated proposal from MAMBA for consideration in January. Those documents will be posted here as soon as they are submitted to the commission.
Please send all comments to
Spring 2014 Mountain Biking Proposal
Spring 2014 Mountain Biking Proposal Map

Summer 2014 MAMBA Mountain Bike Event  
Event Proposal
Event Map

Incident Report Form
In January the Parks Commission adopted a new incident reporting proceedure. Please report all incidents in the park to help us better understand the experience of visitors to the park.

Dog Policy and Communication Subcommittee

The Dog Policy and Communication Subcommittee produced a report to the Park Commission at the end of August.  The Dog Policy and Communications Committee Report and a separate Report by the Friends of the Dogs of Hubbard Park (an ad hoc citizen group) were discussed at the October 17 and November 21 meetings of the Parks Commission (both reports are available as background information below).  The Parks Commission combined suggestions from the two groups on a Canine Code of Conduct in October.  The code was further refined and adopted in November.  The new Canine code of conduct is as follows:

Canine Code of Conduct for Hubbard Park

• Dogs are welcome in Hubbard Park and may be off leash.
• City Ordinance requires dogs to be under voice control or leashed at all times.
• Always keep your dog in sight.
• Don't assume others want to interact with your dog.
• Carry a leash for each dog you walk, and be prepared to leash your dog as needed.
• Dog owners must pick up after their dogs. Use receptacles provided
or carry out.
• Dogs must have current rabies vaccine.

Canine Code of Conduct for North Branch River Park

• Dogs are welcome in North Branch River Park and must be on a leash at all times.
• City Ordinance requires dogs to be under voice control or leashed.
• Don't assume others want to interact with your dog.
• Dog owners must pick up after their dogs. Use receptacles provided or carry out.
• Dogs must have current rabies vaccine.
Background Documents:


Dog Waste Subcommittee and Pet Waste Station Project
A subcommittee of the Parks Commission produced this Dog Waste Management Proposal, which was approved at the August 29 Parks Commission Meeting.  The stations have been purchased and installed around the city.   There is ongoing fundraising for the maintenance of these stations (for purchasing bags and removing the waste).  There is more information about the fundraising here:  Pet Waste Station Project.
We are very grateful to the people who have already donated to this project!  That list is available here.  
Any donations to this project are tax deductible (as allowable under IRS Code 170(c)(1)
Please make checks payable to: City of Montpelier Parks - Pet Waste, City Hall, 39 Main St., Montpelier, Vt. 05602

Citizen support for Montpelier’s parks is always appreciated, and donations help us leverage additional support and grants from a variety of sources. If you would like to contribute to the Parks or assist in any way, please contact Geoff Beyer at the Parks Office (223-7335) or speak with a Parks Commissioner.

For information on Montpelier’s parks department, including maps and natural history information, please visit the Park’s web site:

The Parks Commission appreciates and welcomes comments or suggestions from residents as we continue our work of protecting and improving Montpelier’s park and trail system.

Contact Us
Geoff Beyer, Parks Director
39 Main Street, City Hall
Montpelier, VT 05602
Tel: (802) 223-7335