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Update from Montpelier Public Works
June 5, 2006

This morning we held a pre-construction meeting with Blow & Cote, the contractor selected to construct the concrete moment slab & collision barrier at the edge of Cliff Street. Their plan is to begin the prep work and excavation this Wednesday. This project will take at least six weeks and will require daily road closures (7:30 am - 4:00 pm). They fully expect to re-open the road to one-way traffic each eve and weekends but we'll keep people posted if this changes. Pedestrian access will likely be maintained along the street. For safety reasons due to the excavation activity going on above, we're going to have to close the Elm Street sidewalk adjacent to the cliff face. We may also post a worker at the bottom of the hill to ensure people don't simply walk around the barriers and other precautions will be taken as warranted.

On a related note, tentative schedule for chain link fencing, to be installed at the top and bottom of the slope, is the week of June 12th.

Thomas McArdle
Assistant Public Works Director

conducted at the site trailer on Elm Street, Montpelier, VT
Wednesday, April 26, 2006
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Tom McArdle, City of Montpelier David Marcoux – Janod Contractors
Steven Millard, Golder Associates Inc. Tom Eliasson – VTrans

Topics of Discussion:
  1. Drilling:
    • The drilling is complete except for the following: 9 rock dowels, 7 cable anchors, 5 crest anchors, 4 drain holes, and 1 cable anchor test point.
  2. Grouting:
    • Use of the high capacity grout pump has made tracking injected grout volume of each anchor unfeasible. Janod is being relied upon to contact Golder if they believe that the volume of grout injected is inadequate.
    • The anchors that have been left without dry-pack during the drilling process will be blown clear prior to being dry packed flush with the rock face.
  3. Shotcrete Plated Rock in 4b:
    • The design of the 7’x12’ plated rock includes 6 – 6’ #8 bar pins with bearing plates, 4 - #4 GR 40 continuous walers behind the pinned plates at 2” from the outer surface, 1 – 18’, 1 – 25’, and 2 - 30’ rock dowels with plates bearing on the outer shotcrete surface, and 6” to 8” of shotcrete which bears on competent rock ledge at the base of the plated boulder.
    • VTrans suggested using lean mix grout to fill the voids encountered during drilling. Golder will review this option.
    • The City suggested installing drain holes below the plated rock. Golder will review this option as well.
  4. Structural Shotcrete Wall:
    • Golder provided clarification for the reinforcing steel design in order to assist AUS with the installation. AUS is currently installing the last layer of reinforcing steel.
    • Golder has been regularly rappelling onto the structural wall in order to make visual inspections of the shotcrete surface and to “sound” the cured sections of shotcrete.
    • AUS nozzleman Rick shot two shotcrete test panels on 4/23/06. Janod delivered the panels on 4/25/06 to VTrans in Barre.
  5. Survey Support:
    • VSE was onsite 5/1/06 to provide horizontal and vertical control points for the moment slab on Cliff St. and to survey the anchors that are in the roadway on Elm St.
  6. Area 4B Rock Drape:
    • All materials needed for the rock drape are onsite and Janod is prepared to proceed with the installation.
    • Golder will lay out the rock drape cable and crest anchors this week.
    • Janod will wait until anchor lay-out is complete until choosing a drilling method and drill bit diameter.
  7. Grout Testing:
    • Golder collected a set of nine grout cubes for testing on 4/29/06
  8. Clean Up:
    • Janod will use its aerial lift and a fire hose to wash the fine dust and loose debris from the rock face starting on 4/30/06. Once the face is washed, areas to receive dental shotcrete will be identified by Golder.
  9. Cliff Street Guide Rail Design:
    • Golder intends to deliver the final design drawings on or before 5/2/06.
  10. Work Completion:
    • Janod intends on delivering the site to The City on 5/6/06.
    • The City will be onsite 5/8/06 to complete clean up and roadway repair work.
    • The City will secure a contractor to provide the installation of the chain-link fences at the base of Area 4B and northeast of Area 2.
    • The City anticipates completing all DPW tasks by 5/13/06 assuming good weather and no unanticipated delays.

conducted at the site trailer on Elm Street, Montpelier, VT
Wednesday, April 12, 2006
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Tom McArdle, City of Montpelier David Marcoux – Janod Contractors
Steven Millard, Golder Associates Inc. Jay Smerekanicz – Golder Associates Inc.
Chris Benda – VTrans  

Topics of Discussion:
  1. Drilling:
    • Janod has added a 3rd wagon drill and an accompanying 2-man drill crew to the project. Janod has also mobilized a high-pressure compressor (250 psi at 1150 cfm) to the site. The high pressure compressor is intended to make the drilling more efficient. Additional compressors will be used to power the shotcrete plants.
    • The addition of a 3rd drill, and the increase in air pressure, has increased the amount of drilling dust. There have been no complaints regarding the dust. (Note: A complaint about dust was received on Friday, April 14th. The problem has since been addressed.)
  2. Rock Catchment Fence Anchors on Elm Street:
    • On Monday of this week (April 10, 2006), Janod removed the rock catchment fence on Elm Street. Janod is planning to cut the steel anchors used for the catchment fecne posts flush with the street level. The anchors need to be cut to reduce tripping hazards and to allow final clean-up of the street. The anchors will need to be surveyed by VSE either before or after Janod cuts the anchors for as-built information.
    • After the anchors are cut and surveyed, the City will remove the pavement around each anchor cluster (4 anchors per cluster), excavate the subgrade soils, cut the anchors further, and backfill the excavations so that future maintenance activities will not be impacted by anchor projections.
  3. Shotcrete:
    • Janod has mobilized a shotcrete subcontractor crew and shotcrete plant (Atlantic Underground Services Inc. – AUS) to accelerate the shotcrete wall construction. Janod plans to bring in another AUS crew next week to operate Janod’s shotcrete plant. Next week Janod plans to have two AUS nozzlemen working on the shotcrete wall concurrently. The AUS crews will also install the remaining reinforcing steel. The AUS work will be billed under Janod’s existing shotcrete billing rate.
    • As there will be two new shotcrete nozzlemen, additional test panels will need to be shot. The first test panel will consist of only fiber reinforced shotcrete, and the second will consist of fiber reinforced shotcrete and steel reinforcement (i.e., steel welded wire fabric and rebar).
    • VTrans will conduct the coring and testing of the shotcrete test panels.
  4. Grout/Shotcrete Testing Results:
    • For the remainder of the project, VTrans will forward grout and shotcrete testing results via e-mail to Golder directly.
  5. Rock Nail Testing:
    • Janod tested two sacrificial rock dowels this past Saturday (April 8, 2006) using a hydraulic jack, and Golder observed the testing procedures and recorded the testing results. Both anchors passed the rock-grout bond test (minimum 4 kips/ft) and the creep test (creep less than 0.04 inches over a 10 minute period at 133% design load). The testing results will be presented with the as-built report to be submitted after the project is completed.
  6. Tecco System:
    • Janod expected a delivery of 3 mm dia. Tecco mesh on Wednesday April 12, 2006. VTrans has requested copies of the mill and corrosion protection certifications for the Tecco mesh. There currently is no proposed testing of the Tecco mesh.
  7. Area 4B Rock Drape:
    • Golder submitted a draft working drawing of the Area 4B rock drape design at the meeting. The rock drape design incorporates the Maccaferri double-twist mesh. Golder asked for comments and edits be submitted from the field team, VTrans and the City soon so the final drawing can be issued next week.
  8. Cliff Street Guide Rail Design:
    • Golder also submitted draft working drawings and details of the proposed Cliff Street guide rail system. The rail design incorporates a steel-reinforced concrete moment slab and curb (8 ft wide, and 15 inches thick), with a steel post guide rail and hand rail system. An asphalt overlay of 2 to 3 in. will be placed on the moment slab.
    • After a cursory review of the design drawings, the following issues pertaining to the moment slab design were discussed:
      • The current design would need two design sheets; the City would like to have a map/plan of the proposed system. Golder will add a map, likely using the latest VSE survey map of Cliff Street as a base map.
      • The shotcrete wall will be shot a few inches below this level to produce a flat construction joint, and after VSE provides control points on the flat joint, the shotcrete will be brought up to the moment slab grade.
      • The current design incorporates styrofoam as a moment slab bond breaker between the slab and underlying shotcrete. Golder will evaluate the potential for friction need between the slab, styrofoam and shotcrete. Additionally, the use of cork, asphalt paper or other materials will be evaluated as a bond breaker.
      • The steel post spacing is 6 ft 3 in. Janod is not planning to remove any more of the existing wooden posts. For quantity estimating purposes, Golder will measure the distance between the wooden posts to estimate the length of the moment slab.
      • Construction joints placed about every 20 ft along the length of the slab will be needed. The construction joints will not be placed at the locations of the steel posts.
      • VTrans will provide a chamfer detail for the construction joint.
      • Golder will evaluate the use of #8 steel bars as reinforcement, as field bending of bars this large will be difficult. The use of #4 or #6 bars will be evaluated.
      • Golder will specify that the steel reinforcing bars be epoxy coated or will incorporate other corrosion protection.
      • Golder will provide estimated quantities and specifications for the moment slab construction.
      • The asphalt overlay will likely require construction joints as well (i.e., saw cut and seal).
      • Golder will also evaluate the need for waterproofing of the exposed moment slab and underlying finished shotcrete face.
      • The City may wish to have a black-colored hand rail.
  9. Limits of Work Letters:
    • Golder is in the process of preparing limit of work letters for the City. Golder plans to submit draft letters next week to the City for review and comment.
  10. Areas 3B and Northeast Corner (upper right) of Area 2:
    • The City is requesting Janod perform the slope stabilization construction in these areas as described in Golder’s April 3, 2006 letter. The City will forward letters of authorization to Janod and Golder for these areas. Golder will provide an estimate of the engineering fees associated with the design in these areas. The City has chosen the consolidation shotcrete option and pinning for Area 2. Janod will need to drill additional temporary anchors above Area 2 to provide drilling access for the dilated rock blocks.
  11. Schedule:
    • Janod is anticipating completion of the remaining stabilization work within three weeks, as they have other commitments in May. This will require work continuing on Saturdays. A small Janod crew may remain in Montpelier to address the rock slope stabilization on Route 302.
Action Items:
  1. Golder is planning to finalize the Area 4B rock drape design early next week, followed by the Cliff Street guard rail design.

conducted at the site trailer on Elm Street, Montpelier, VT
Wednesday, April 5, 2006
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Tom McArdle, City of Montpelier David Marcoux – Janod Contractors
Steven Millard, Golder Associates Inc. Jay Smerekanicz – Golder Associates Inc.
Chris Benda – VTrans Pete Ingraham – Golder Associates Inc.

Topics of Discussion:
  1. VTrans Project Review:
    • The City will contact Bill McManus (VTrans) to set up a meeting with VTrans to review project financing under the FHWA Emergency Response Program.
  2. Janod Progress/Schedule:
    • Two of Janod’s workers were out sick Wednesday (4/5/06), and the site foreman is not feeling well, leaving only five personnel working on site. Janod plans on bringing a 3rd drill rig and three more personnel on site by the beginning of next week.
  3. Area 4B Rock Drape:
    • Golder is planning to submit the rock drape preliminary design drawings for Area 4B by the end of this week or early next week.
  4. Limits of Work:
    • The City requested Golder to prepare two letters on behalf of the City regarding the limits of the City’s work to the southwest (i.e., parking lot) and to the northeast (i.e., 120 Elm Street).
  5. Area 3B and northeast upper corner of Area 2:
    • Golder submitted a letter on April 3, 2006 regarding potential stabilization methods for the steep soil/loose rock conditions in Area 3B (i.e., above the Area 2 highwall and northeast of Area 3A), and the dilated rock masses in the upper northeast corner of the Area 2 highwall. Golder recommended the limit of work for the northeast side of Area 2 as the removal of trees within 6 to 8 feet of the slope crest. Golder recommends removal of the trees to reduce the potential for rock fall due to root jacking. The City requested estimated costs from Janod for the Tecco system stabilization for Area 3B, and estimated costs for the two stabilization options at the upper northeast corner of Area 2 (either consolidation grouting and pins, or ring-net lashing system).
  6. Shotcrete Wall at Cliff Street:
    • Janod has covered about 1/3 of the first layer of reinforcing steel (i.e., welded wire fabric and rebar). Janod is covering about 3 columns of rock nails per day with 5 inches of shotcrete, or about 15 ft x 25 ft = 375 ft 2 / day. Two loads of shotcrete (40 bags) were delivered to the site this week.
  7. Cliff Street Guide Rail:
    • Golder is working with VTrans on the guide rail design for the top of the shotcrete wall. The preferred design will incorporate a moment concrete slab placed over the shotcrete wall, which will include a pedestal/curb for mounting of the guide rail. The guide rail may include a handrail. Golder plans on submitting preliminary guide rail design plans by the end of this week or early next week. The moment slab will not need any connection to the shotcrete wall. The moment slab will be about 8 feet long and about 15 inches thick. Janod is not shooting the upper 18 inches of shotcrete on the shotcrete wall as per the March 2006 design drawings, as this would have to be removed for the slab. Loose soils behind the shotcrete wall and beneath the moment slab will likely need to be removed and replaced with crushed stone, filter fabric and an insulation layer. The City will likely bring in another contractor to perform the guide rail construction, as this type of work is not normally conducted by Janod.
    • Golder will collect approximate moment slab quantities for cost estimating purposes, including length of guide rail, moment slab concrete volume, and backfill volume.
    • Vermont Survey has contacted Golder regarding control points for the final shotcrete wall location, but due to the current work activity at the top of Cliff Street, no date has been set for them to establish local control points. Golder will contact Vermont Survey to arrange a date for them to establish the control points.
  8. Rock Nail Testing:
    • Due to the inclement weather this week, the need to keep the shotcrete process going, and the temporary loss of manpower due to sickness, Janod has not been able to conduct the rock nail testing. Janod plans to conduct the testing this week.
  9. Janod Billing:
    • The City requested Janod’s invoices to reflect the unique pay item numbers used in the most recent cost estimate submitted by Janod (i.e., dated March 31, 2006). The most recent invoice included costs for the reinforcing steel, yet the cost estimate assumed the costs for the steel are included in the shotcrete unit price. Janod plans to resubmit the cost estimate and most recent invoice to include a unique pay item number for the reinforcing steel.
Action Items:
  1. Golder will coordinated with Janod to finalize the estimated quantities sheet and invoicing to include a line item for the reinforcing steel.
  2. Golder is planning to submit by the end of this week or early next week preliminary design drawings for the rock drape at Area 4B and the guide rail/moment slab design. The drawings will be submitted to the project team, i.e., the City, VTrans and Janod.

conducted at the site trailer on Elm Street, Montpelier, VT
Wednesday, March 28, 2006
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Tom McArdle, City of Montpelier David Marcoux – Janod Contractors
Steven Millard, Golder Associates Inc. Jay Smerekanicz – Golder Associates Inc.
Tom Eliassen - VTrans  

Topics of Discussion:
  1. Cliff Street shotcrete wall:
    • Brody Cater (Janod) will be arriving on site March 29, 2006 as the new shotcrete nozzleman. A new shotcrete test panel (without steel reinforcement) will be shot this week to test the new nozzleman’s application techniques. The testing will be performed by VTrans, and Janod can deliver the test panel to the VTrans geotechnical laboratory via pickup truck. Core testing of the shotcrete will follow the project specifications (i.e., testing at 7- and 28-days). Shotcrete operations will resume this week.
    • Golder will look for any irregularities of defects in the new shotcrete, and check the shotcrete soundness as it is installed.
    • The first layer of steel reinforcement (i.e., welded wire fabric and rebar) has been installed. Some of the welded wire fabric is touching the shotcrete facing; this is due to the irregularities of the rock surface following the rock slide event. Janod is planning to use shims or some other method to reduce the contact between the shotcrete and the steel reinforcement. In addition, the steel bearing plates on the rock dowels are also touching the steel (on the upper part of the plate). The design plans call for a minimum ½-inch gap between the plates and the reinforcing steel. The plates are currently being used to help hold the reinforcing steel in place as a temporary condition. Once shotcreting is started, Janod plans to back off the plates and nuts one rock dowel at a time, so that the ½-inch gap can be maintained.
    • Control points, consisting of flexible, thin steel cable will be used to monitor shotcrete thickness as the shotcrete layers are applied. These will be installed prior to shotcrete placement. The rock dowels will also be used to monitor the increase in shotcrete thickness.
    • Janod has 20 1,000-kg bags of shotcrete on site, and another 20 bags are on order.
    • The hoarding used for the first shotcrete layer will be used for the remainder of the shotcrete work. Janod has or is installing additional support for the blue tarp covering, consisting of PVC pipe and lumber frames. The 80,000 BTU propane heater will be used to keep the shotcrete warm at night. Janod will employ a security guard to be on site during nights when the heater will be used. The hoarding is expected to keep the humidity high again, which will help in the shotcrete curing process. Golder will monitor the shotcrete temperatures daily.
    • The weather is forecast to be sunny and warm for the rest of the week. The asphalt curb in front of the jersey barriers has been flattened by construction traffic. In the advent of prolonged rain events, the City can supply additional asphalt for the berm, and the sandbags can be redeployed to prevent surface drainage from entering the shotcrete work area.
    • At the request of the City, Golder will contact Vermont Survey to place control points for the shotcrete curb elevation and location. Vermont Survey will also be requested to obtain the as-built locations of the anchors used for the rock catchment fence posts and tie-backs on Elm Street.
    • Janod will ask the resident at the top of Cliff Street if Janod can use their municipal water supply for wetting the shotcrete during the curing process. If this is not possible, Janod will use their water tanker.
    • This week Janod will have two 2-man crews for drilling, and one 3-man crew for shotcreting, plus one foreman, for a total of 8 personnel.
  2. Permanent traffic barrier on Cliff Street:
    • VTrans hand delivered a copy of the AASHTO 2002 standards for bridge railing design guidance to help Golder finalize the permanent traffic barrier on Cliff Street.
  3. Area 4B rock drape:
    • The City requested Golder to start the design calculations and drawings for the proposed rock drape for Area 4B. Golder is prepared to start this week on the design. This slope treatment is Option 3 of Golder’s March 23, 2006 letter to the City.
    • Some hand scaling via blowpipe and scaling bar remains to be completed in Area 4B.
  4. Rock dowel testing:
    • Janod plans on testing the two test rock dowels this week. VTrans requested that Golder notify them as to when the testing will be performed so that they can observe the testing apparatus, procedures and results.
  5. Area Northeast of Area 2:
    • Janod and Golder rappelled the northeast corner of Area 2 to observe the loose rock condition, and propose mitigation methods in this area. There is a concern that additional scaling may compromise the soil/rock topographic condition at the property line with the residence at 11 Cliff Street.
  6. Drain holes:
    • Rock dowel drilling results thus far indicate open voids exist in the upper parts of the slope, and no voids exist in the lower portions of the slope. Janod and Golder will evaluate the proposed quantity of drain holes to be drilled near the base of the rock slope in Areas 2, 4A and 4B. Thus far, only one drill hole has encountered wet conditions. Because of this, the designed drain holes placed laterally every 15 ft may be expanded to every 30 ft.
  7. Schedule:
    • Janod will try to complete the work by the end of April 2006, but due to weather or other delays, the work may extend into mid-May 2006. The addition of another work crew should help in completing the work by the end of April.
  8. Quantities:
    • The City needs the revised estimated quantities for the remainder of the project this week so the contract with Janod can be finalized. This is needed so that the City’s loan application can be finalized. The City may need to seek a performance bond from Janod for the remainder of work.
Action Items:
  1. Golder will contact Vermont Survey for the remaining survey needs.
  2. Golder will work with Janod in finalizing the remaining quantities for the project.

Update from Montpelier Public Works March 28, 2006

I'm afraid to say that it's looking more and more like the project will continue well into May now....probably somewhere in the neighborhood of May 12th. Production rates have been reasonably good but there's just a lot more to do. The progress is a little more predictable now with the onset of spring and they're estimating about 4 weeks alone to build the wall at Cliff Street. A third two man crew is set to arrive tomorrow allowing other work to proceed while the wall is constructed.

Unfortunately, some areas that were previously thought to be reasonably stable requiring little work will require stabilization now based on closer review. In fact, as the rock face has thawed out, some very "punky" areas have become apparent. These areas are primarily located along the northern and southern perimeters of the slope. We're trying now to define the exact limits of our work and find a cut off point. The southern limit has now been resolved and a solution agreed upon with the northern perimeter yet to be resolved. Golder will be making some recommendations soon about this area.

Sorry, but that's the nature of this beast.
Thomas McArdle, Assistant Director
Montpelier Department of Public Works
39 Main Street - City Hall
Montpelier, Vermont 05602

conducted at the site trailer on Elm Street, Montpelier, VT
Wednesday, March 22, 2006
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Tom McArdle, City of Montpelier David Marcoux – Janod Contractors
Steven Millard, Golder Associates Inc. Jay Smerekanicz – Golder Associates Inc.
Charlie Pelletier – City of Montpelier Pete Ingraham – Golder Associates Inc.
Drew Gelfenbein - VTrans  

Topics of Discussion:
  1. Parking Lot area southwest of Area 4B:
    • The City has established a limit of work for the southwest side of Area 4B. The limit is the edge of the slope defined by four in-place rock blocks. The parking lot area is not owned by the City.
    • The City has requested Golder to prepare a letter recommending the parking lot property owner seek expert advice from a geotechnical engineer on the needs for slope stabilization and remediation of his property. Similar geologic conditions exist in the parking lot area as in the rest of the work area. Because the funding for the project is federal, only impacts to Elm Sreet can be included in the work. The City requested that the Golder letter also document that the current project work will not impact the stability of the slopes in the parking lot area. The City requested that the letter be submitted prior to project completion.
  2. Area 4B:
    • Golder is preparing a cost-comparison letter regarding four options for rockfall pieces that may ravel from the rock and soil slope above the sidewalk in Area 4B. The four options are 1) no protection; 2) shotcrete facing; 3) rockfall drape; and 4) rock catchment fence.
    • Golder recommended that the rock fall drape is the most desirable option, based on ease of construction, long-term maintenance and cost. As there is little room for a rockfall catch ditch between the rock slope and the sidewalk, Golder recommends a low-height chain link fence (four feet high) be placed about one foot from the sidewalk to act as a ditch to contain accumulated debris (small rock flakes) raveling from beneath the rockfall drape.
    • The City requested that the rockfall drape option be designed by Golder and estimated construction costs be submitted by Janod as a change orders to the project.
  3. Drilling:
    • Janod started drilling the Tecco anchors for Area 3A. The boreholes for the anchors are staying open, and casings will likely not be needed to prevent borehole collapse in the soil interval.
    • Golder will lay out the Tecco anchor locations for Area 4B late this week or early next week.
    • Janod has nearly completed the drilling and anchor installation for Area 4A.
    • Janod has obtained a test jack and apparatus for the two test anchors near the bottom of Area 2. Testing will likely be performed later this week or next week.
  4. Stumps in Tecco Areas:
    • Golder stated that ideally the oak tree stumps in the Tecco areas be removed, as the stumps will be the source of new sucker growth over the next few years. The City no longer uses herbicides for stump growth control. Janod has or will cut the stumps flush with the ground level and will tie-down the Tecco system around the stumps. As part of the recommendations/maintenance section in the as-built report, Golder will include removal of woody sucker growth from the stumps for the Tecco areas.
  5. Area Northeast of Area 2:
    • The City asked Janod and Golder to review the northeast rock slope edge at Area 2. Rock flakes about 1/3 down the slope will need dental shotcrete and pins for stabilization. To prevent long-term root jacking, the trees within six feet of the slope edge should be removed. Janod estimates that due to the voids associated with the flakes, about 20 yards of dental shotcrete may be needed.
    • Field observation indicates that the rock slope further to the northeast periodically sheds rocks onto the residential structure. The trees above the house actually slow down rock fall in this area, and Golder recommends the trees should remain. At the Elm Street grade, Golder recommends that the City consider placing a chain link fence, about 6 feet high, from the edge of the City’s rock wall to the low rock retaining wall at the residence to impede rocks rolling from the toe of the slope towards the sidewalk and roadway.
  6. Design:
    • Janod has verbally requested the use of more robust steel reinforcement (i.e., larger rebar, and larger gauge welded wire fabric) for the remainder of the Cliff Street shotcrete wall. This change was requested as there would be a delay in ordering the remaining steel reinforcement due to the rarely used sizes in the design (i.e., Janod’s supplier does not stock some of the steel included in the design). Golder evaluated the change in steel reinforcement and has taken no exception to the proposed changes. There will be no cost increase due to the change in reinforcement steel. However, Golder requested Janod to summarize the proposed changes in a letter so that we can document the change in design for the as-built report.
    • Golder still needs to submit the revised quantity sheet to Janod.
    • A design sheet is planned to be submitted for the Area 4B rock fall drape, as well as estimated drape construction quantities.
  7. Testing:
    • Janod may bring in a crew from Atlantic Underground Services to complete the shotcrete work for the Cliff Street shotcrete wall. If a new nozzleman is brought onto the project, a new test panel and core testing will be needed. The City requested VTrans to evaluate if the nozzleman’s certification is typically needed for VTrans projects.
  8. Drilling Dust:
    • There have been no complaints regarding drilling dust and noise thus far. Drilling typically starts around 7:30 a.m. every morning, including Saturdays.
  9. Cliff Street:
    • The easement for the permanent anchor installation beneath the property at 11 Cliff Street (i.e., the Bartram’s) has been signed.
    • The City has placed an asphalt curb in front of the temporary jersey barriers to help contain sheet flow from precipitation.
    • Golder recommended the final asphalt layer on Cliff Street be crack free to prevent inflow of sheet flow below the street. Any cracks that appear after construction (e.g., due to frost heave) should be sealed.
  10. Cliff Street permanent jersey barrier anchorage:
    • Golder is still evaluating the anchors for the permanent jersey barrier placement. The City stated that for the anchor design, Golder should use a maximum vehicle speed of 20 mph, and vehicle size equivalent to a single-axle propane delivery truck. The City requested that the jersey barrier anchorage should be equivalent to the previous guard rail system, as appropriate in accordance with AASHTO roadway design guidelines (2002).
  11. Elm Street:
    • The City is planning to clean up the rock debris on Elm Street soon.
    • In the next few weeks, Dubois will be mobilized to the site again to fix the stone wall in front of Area 2. The hoe- ram in the parking lot will be demobilized this week or next week.
    • Janod and Golder recommend keeping the rock catchment fence in place until drilling is complete. In the unlikely event of a drill falling off the face, the fence will act as protection for the residential structures below.
    • The City will survey the as-drilled locations of the anchors (posts and tie-backs) placed for the rock catchment fence. Janod will cut the anchors flush with the street after the fence is removed; however, the City may need to excavate the asphalt surface 12 to 16 inches in order to cut the anchors further, bearing in mind future asphalt milling operations. The anchors are grouted into rock and cannot be removed easily. As-drilled survey data will be forwarded to Golder for the as-built report documentation.
Action Items:
  1. Golder will forward the Area 4B letter and design quantities to Janod and the City.

conducted at the site trailer on Elm Street, Montpelier, VT
Tuesday, March 7, 2006
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Tom McArdle, City of Montpelier David Marcoux – Janod Contractors
Steven Millard, Golder Associates Inc. Jay Smerekanicz – Golder Associates Inc.
(VTrans not able to attend due to state holiday.)

Topics of Discussion:
  1. Weather:
    • Janod had down time due to weather issues last week (wind chill and heavy snow). The forecast for the next few days predicts relatively warm conditions, without to much precipitation.
  2. Grout Cube Testing:
    • Janod conducted another round of anchor grouting on Monday (March 6, 2006). Golder collected grout cubes of representative samples of the grout for testing by the VTrans laboratory. Golder requested the cubes be tested for breaks at 5-, 7- and 28-days (the VTrans laboratory technician is on vacation, and the 3-day break cannot be met).
  3. Drilling:
    • On Thursday, March 2, 2006, Golder marked out additional rock dowel drilling locations below the shotcrete wall in Area 4A, and Janod started drilling these locations using two wagon drills this week. Winter conditions are still affecting drilling progress, e.g., causing freezing of feed control mechanisms. Janod is blowing the air systems several times a day and at the end of each day to remove condensed water in the systems. The 900 cubic feet per minute (cfm) and 375 cfm air compressors are running well.
  4. Sidewalk on northwest side of Elm Street:
    • Scaling by the Dubois Cat 325 excavator is scheduled to resume either late this week or early next week in the lower parts of Areas 4A and 4B.
    • Due to the high pedestrian traffic volume on Elm Street, the City cannot permanently close the sidewalk on the northwest side of Elm Street. Janod and Golder stated that there will likely be a continuing raveling issue impacting pedestrian traffic after scaling is complete, and there will likely be a need to prevent minor rock falls in the lower parts of Areas 4A and 4B.
    • There is at least one relatively thick, steeply inclined sandstone slab (about 2-3 ft thick), with an upper open joint, located at the base of the slope. This area is currently buried by slushing debris. Stabilization of the slab will likely be necessary, and may consist of spot rock dowels and a concrete buttress. Removal of the slab may impact overall slope stability; therefore the final slope grade will likely have little to no room for minor rockfalls to land outside the sidewalk, i.e., rock falls will likely reach the sidewalk. Several stabilization options may exist, including construction of a wall or installation of a drape mesh. The City requested Janod and Golder review the potential stabilization options for this area.
  5. Scaling:
    • The slusher was removed from the site on Saturday (March 4, 2006).
    • Hand scaling, including the use of the blowpipe, is still needed in Areas 2, 4A and 4B.
  6. Drilling Dust:
    • The drilling operation is producing dust. Depending on the wind direction, some houses on Cliff Street may be impacted by the dust, and may require cleaning.
    • Janod can add a water mist to the compressed air used by the drills, but this requires the air temperature consistently stays above freezing, and requires separate header/manifold equipment. In addition, the misting system is more efficient with down-the-hole drills when a high pressure system is used (250 psi). The two compressors on site are low pressure (125 psi).
  7. Cliff Street:
    • The resident at 6 Cliff Street wants to save the pine tree at the southwest corner of the property.
    • Cliff Street is being used by vehicular traffic, and there have been no impacts to the construction activity from the traffic thus far.
    • The estimated remaining shotcrete volume is now about 75 cubic yards (cy), instead of about 150 cy. Janod anticipates resuming the Cliff Street shotcrete operation in about 2 weeks.
    • Janod and Golder requested that the City reconstruct the surface water diversion in front of the jersey barriers prior to resuming the shotcrete operation. The City will look into either placing a new asphalt curb in front of the barriers, or placing new sand bags along the hoarding structure.
  8. Tecco Mesh in Areas 3B and 4B:
    • The easement for the Tecco anchors in Area 3B has not been signed yet by the residents at 11 Cliff Street (the Bartram’s). The City will forward the easement once it is ready, and get it notarized.
    • The City indicated that VTrans has identified the Tecco mesh in Area 3B as a cost that may not be 100% reimbursable by FHWA emergency funding.
    • Golder is now recommending that Tecco mesh be applied to the steep soil surface to the southwest of the shotcrete wall along Cliff Street (i.e., top of Area 4B). This in effect moves the Tecco in Area 3B to Area 4B.
    • The City may still consider installing the Tecco mesh in Area 3B. The City requested Golder provide plausible ramifications if Tecco is not installed in Area 3B.
  9. Drain Holes:
    • The City asked if the number of anticipated drain holes may drop. Golder stated that only one anchor drill hole (No. 4D) has produced groundwater during drilling (about 20 ft into the face, at about 12 ft below the Cliff Street grade).
    • Golder will reevaluate drain hole spacing based on encountered conditions in Areas 4A and Area 2, as drilling progresses. If the joints/discontinuities are mostly dry, and occur at a frequency less than expected, only ½ of the drainholes anticipated may be necessary.
  10. Pay Items:
    • The City would like the final quantities spreadsheet (to be based on the final design drawings) to use unique pay item numbers for each pay item in all the zones. The purpose of this is to track the same pay item across the zones. The previous quantities spreadsheet used different pay item numbers for the same pay item within each zone.
    • The City requested Golder track the days and hours worked by Dubois. Dubois will not submit daily quantities sheets for Golder to review.
Action Items:
  1. Golder will contact VTrans regarding the status of the formal laboratory data sheets.
  2. Golder plans on submitting the final drawing set this week, as well as the final estimated quantities spreadsheet.
  3. Golder will submit to VTrans for review on behalf of the City the final calculation package along with the final design drawings. The calculations were used to prepare the design drawings.

conducted at the site trailer on Elm Street, Montpelier, VT
Thursday, March 2, 2006
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Tom McArdle, City of Montpelier Todd Law – City of Montpelier
Steven Millard, Golder Associates Inc. Pete Ingraham – Golder Associates Inc.
David Marcoux, Janod Contractors Daniel Journeaux, Janod Contractors
Chad Allen – VTrans Jay Smerekanicz – Golder Associates Inc.

Topics of Discussion:
  1. VTrans Comments on Draft Design Drawings:
    • Golder is incorporating the comments for the final design drawings. Once the calculations supporting the design are finalized, they will be forwarded to VTrans for review. Golder anticipates final design drawings will be issued next week.
  2. City Council Meeting:
    • The City Council has been impressed by the activity at the site, and by last week’s presentation. City Council members have toured the site, but keep their presence to a minimum. The Council is also impressed by the cooperation by all in conducting the remediation work.
  3. Design Issues:
    • Tecco mesh anchors have been marked out for Area 3A. Due to concerns about funding for Tecco at Area 3B, Golder is evaluating placing Tecco in the soil areas at the top of Area 4B. Golder will determine if the quantities of Tecco for Area 4B are similar to Area 3B.
    • Golder will include a typical detail for dental shotcrete in the final design drawings.
    • The City is preparing an easement document to protect the Tecco anchors in Area 3A, which may pass through the property line with the Bartrams (11 Cliff Street).
  4. Construction Status:
    • Golder is working with Janod in determining the fair slusher day rate, as the slusher is typically only used for a few hours each day.
    • Janod has drilled two test holes at the bottom of Area 2. The test anchors will likely be installed late this week or early next week during the next cycle of anchor grouting. Janod will obtain a calibrated hydraulic jack and gauge, and two incremental dial gauges for the test. Golder will provide the anticipated test loads and bond length for the anchors. The maximum load will likely be 16,000 lbs. Janod will install one anchor with a grout sock, and one without.
    • Janod is continuing to prepare the footing for the remaining Cliff Street shotcrete wall.
    • The slusher has been moved to the southwest side of the site to work on Area 4A/4B. Janod has also conducted hand scaling and vegetation removal in these areas. The large oak tree that was used as a slusher pulley anchor point will likely need to be removed in Tecco is to be installed in Area 4B.
    • Area 2: The spoils of the slushing operation have been graded to a slope of about 1.5H:1V, and have been filled to the height of the rock wall. Golder is concerned that if falling rock blocks develop enough forward momentum (e.g., by rolling), the blocks could clear the wall and reach Elm Street. Golder recommends that the slope be excavated to about a 5-10 degree backslope dipping toward the rock face from the wall.
    • The rock block about 15 ft long at the base of Area 4A will need to be removed. This block was exposed during the slushing, and has dilated joints behind it indicating the block cannot be reasonably bolted in place. The Dubois Cat 325 excavator should be able to remove this block. Rock dowels may be needed in the beds above the block to restrict further dilation of beds behind the block.
    • Remaining shotcrete volume for the Cliff Street shotcrete wall will likely be about ½ of the originally estimated volume (i.e., about 70 to 75 cubic yards). This is based on the detailed cross-sections Golder and Janod measured this week. Janod indicated that with the change in volume, wet shotcrete will probably not economically advantageous.
    • Construction was halted on Monday and Tuesday this week due to the extremely cold weather. Janod had difficulty in getting machinery started and working, and wind chills made working on the slope with ropes dangerous.
    • Golder recommended that the City may want to permanently close the sidewalk on the northwest side of Elm Street. An inclined rock block at the base of Area 4A at the sidewalk level may require a concrete buttress for support. This slab is currently buried by rock slide and slusher debris, and will need to be evaluated once it is fully exposed.
    • Janod offered the possibility of adding a color (i.e., a pigment) to the final layer of shotcrete for the Cliff Street shotcrete wall. The pigment can be matched from a rock sample from the slope, and the pigment is added to the shotcrete hopper during shotcrete application. The City may want to consider coloring the shotcrete for aesthetic reasons. The coloring is a relatively insignificant cost to the shotcrete operation.
Action Items:
  1. After the progress meeting, Golder and Janod personnel rappelled the rock slope to inspect Areas 1 and 4 A/B. During the rappel, Golder located additional rock dowels below the shotcrete wall, Golder and Janod finalized the footing excavation procedures and rock dowel locations, and Golder and Janod examined the area above the rock block. Janod determined that they will concentrate on drilling rock dowels for the remaining Cliff Street shotcrete wall and for rock blocks below the wall next week.
  2. VTrans will forward to Golder formal laboratory results so far for the grout and shotcrete testing.
  3. Golder will evaluate the need for Tecco mesh in Area 3B and see if there is more of a need for Tecco mesh at the top of Area 4B. Golder will also determine if a boundary wire rope is needed for the Tecco mesh.
  4. The City, Janod and Golder visited the rock slope on Route 302 to determine potential remedial options there.

conducted at the site trailer on Elm Street, Montpelier, VT
Tuesday, February 21, 2006
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Tom McArdle, City of Montpelier Steven Millard, Golder Associates Inc.
Charlie Pelletier – City of Montpelier Pete Ingraham – Golder Associates Inc.
David Marcoux, Janod Contractors Tom Eliassen - VTrans

Topics of Discussion:
  1. Choice of Cementitious Material:
    • Tom Eliassen asked if Golder had considered using less expensive ready-mix with conventional concrete forming techniques to construct the footing, the structural wall, or the fill behind the structural wall.
    • Pete Ingraham indicated that ready-mix and conventional concrete forms would not be the best choice considering the high angle access and highly variable terrain that exists at the footing and structural wall areas.
    • Janod and Atlantic Underground Services will submit a proposal using less expensive wet-mix shotcrete instead of currently specified dry-mix shotcrete.
    • Tom McArdle requested Golder prepare a memo outlining the rational for the use of shotcrete rather than ready-mix.
  2. Design Specifications and Drawings:
    • Tom Eliassen requested a copy of the design calculations from Golder upon completion of the final review.
    • VTrans will forward a memo of comments pertaining to the first draft of the design specifications and drawings.
    • Tom Eliassen requested details for shotcrete buttresses.
    • Pete Ingraham suggested that the application of dental shotcrete may be less extensive than the initial estimate.
  3. Transition From Slusher to Excavator:
    • David Marcoux estimated that Janod would be done slushing on the NE end of the slide by 2/24/06 and would move the slusher to the SW end of the slide at that time.
    • Dubois Excavation has been contacted and will mobilize an excavator and several dump trucks in order to complete debris removal in the slide area.
    • Tom McArdle requested clarification on the minimum number of operating hours that is included in the slusher day rate.
  4. Access to Accommodate the Installation of Tecco Mesh Anchors in Area 3B:
    • Steve Millard suggested that Tom McArdle should acquire an easement for the Tecco Mesh anchors that will extend into the property of Ian and Maria Bartram of 11 Cliff St.
    • Steve Millard requested assistance from the City for temporary removal of a section of the fence and installation of a temporary fence at 11 Cliff St. Steve Millard and David Marcoux had received permission from Ian Bartram on 2/20/06 to remove the fence and install a temporary fence to retain pets.
    • David Marcoux requested that the fence activities be completed by the City before 3/3/06.
  5. Tecco Mesh Installation in Areas 3A and 3B:
    • Pete Ingraham confirmed that the minimum Tecco anchor embedment length into rock shall be 6’.
    • Tom McArdle suggested using conservation mix for reseeding the Tecco Mesh areas.
    • Tom Eliassen requested additional specifications for the Tecco Mesh materials.
  6. Permanent Jersey Barriers on Cliff Street:
    • Pete Ingraham indicated that the jersey barrier design would not withstand an impact from a large truck.
    • Tom McArdle requested additional jersey barrier design to include pinning from Golder.
Action Items:
  1. Pete Ingraham (Golder) will present a 30 minute progress report to the Mayor and the City Council on the evening of 2/22/06.
  2. Golder will forward a memo to the City which provides rational for the choice of cementitious material that will be used to construct the structural wall and the fill behind it.
  3. VTrans will forward a memo to Golder which contains comments on the current draft of the specifications and drawings.
  4. Golder will review the Tecco mesh design specifications and amend if needed.
conducted at the site trailer on Elm Street, Montpelier, VT
Tuesday, February 14, 2006
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Tom McArdle, City of Montpelier Steven Millard, Golder Associates Inc.
Daniel Journeaux – Janod Contractors Jay Smerekanicz - Golder Associates Inc.
David Marcoux, Janod Contractors Terry Kiever – Atlantic Underground Services
Tom Eliassen - VTrans  

Topics of Discussion: