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Schedule & Scope of Work
Work got underway in early May 2003. A final report is expected by early September. Below is an outline of expected tasks and meetings:

Step I - Issue Identification & Preliminary Assessment
  • Data gathering
  • Public Meeting #1 - June 5, 2003, 7:00-9:00 p.m., City Hall
  • Identify issues and concerns of the general public, business owners, and property owners
  • Develop conceptual parking garage footprints at each site
  • Evaluate sites
    • Potential Parking Garage Impacts:
      • Vehicle access & circulation
      • Pedestrian access & circulation
      • Safety & security
      • Truck access & delivery
      • Emergency vehicle access & operations
      • Vehicle & pedestrian access to surrounding buildings
      • Aesthetics of the surrounding area
      • Utilities
      • Flood plain & permitting issues
      • Traffic congestion on the surrounding street network
      • Other issues as identified by the public
    • Potential net increase in parking spaces
    • Performance Measures:
      • Positive impact
      • No impact
      • Low negative impact
      • Severe negative impact
Step II - Determine Feasibility: Summarize preliminary assessment and decide next steps
  • Public Meeting #2 - Parking Committee - September 29, 2003
  • Study amended to include review of collaborative effort with Duane Wells, a neighboring property owner.
  • Go/No go decision based on preliminary assessment and public input
Step III - Develop Conceptual Plans and Cost Estimates (delayed)
  • Prepare conceptual footprints, elevations, and cross sections
  • Prepare order of magnitude capital and operating costs
  • Review findings with City officials
  • Public Meeting #3 - Parking Committee
  • Public Meeting #4 - present findings to City Council
Step IV - Final Report
  • Summarizes all previous work; includes executive summary
  • Identifies next steps and cost of design and engineering for parking structures (if recommended)