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Chapter 3, Article V, Sec. 501.
Bounds of Public Property Given Before Construction.

No person shall erect any fence, building or other permanent structure, or set in the ground any post, stone, marker, shrub, tree or other thing indicating possession or ownership under claim of right, nor excavate, fill or in any way alter the surface of land immediately adjoining any street or municipal land, without first having ascertained the bounds and grade of the same by application to to Public Works Director, and conformable to such bounds and grade.

Chapter 3, Article V, Sec. 3-502.
Permit to Dig or Obstruct a Public Way

No person shall break or dig up the ground or pavement in a street or public place or erect thereon, or in dangerous or inconvenient proximity thereto, a staging or other device for building, or place or deposit thereon stone, earth, sand, brick, lumber or other materials, without first obtaining a written permit from the commissioner of public works and complying in all respects with the conditions of such permit. Upon the expiration of such permit, the person so permitted shall, within a reasonable time, restore and repair such street or public place to the satisfaction and acceptance of the street commissioner.

Article V. , Sec. 3-510.

No person shall excavate, fill, divert, pipe, channel, or in any manner change or obstruct existing drainage or any natural water course on public lands or private property without first obtaining permission from the Public Works Director.


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