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Green Mount Cemetery

The thirty-five acres on which the Green Mount Cemetery is located were bought in 1854. Of the purchase price of $2,210, $1,000 was donated by Calvin Keith, a Montpelier lawyer and $1,210 was put up by the town. In 1905, the Chapel-Vault building was erected from a generous bequest of John E. Hubbard. The Vault portion can hold up to 60 entombments and the chapel can accommodate 60 people for funeral services. Since this time, Green Mount Cemetery proudly exhibits many terraced lots, 2.5 miles of curved roads, and many pleasant shade trees and ornamental shrubs. There are many sculptured works which are memorials to the talents of our area's artisans both past and present.


Monuments of Interest (noted on map, below)*

  1. John Hubbard (Black Agnes)
  2. Margaret Pitkin (Little Margaret, right)
  3. Fred Stevens (Ned the Dog)
  4. Frederic Dieter
  5. William Stowell (Hand Carved Stairs)
  6. Our Children's Lot
  7. U.S. Soldier's Lot (Civil War)
  8. Potter's Field
*See Director for self-guided tour map for monuments of interest


Map of Green Mount Cemetery

Areas of Available Lots
1. Maple Row- minimum 4 graves
2. Evergreen section
2a.Beth Jacob Section
3. Memorial Gardens
4. Woodland Gardens (natural area)
5. Oak Hill
Location of:
A.Water supply (always on)
B.Chapel-Vault Building (Office)
C.Tool Shed
D.Visiting Area
E.Old Winter Entombment Vault (P.D.)

Available Services

  • Full internment and cremation lots
  • Pre-need
  • Winter storage
  • Use of our Chapel for funerals
  • Water faucets within walking distance
  • Possible Winter burial
  • Guided Tours upon request
  • Monument cleaning/repair
  • Tree Memorialization

Prices (includes endowment care)

  • Full internment lots $800 per grave
  • Single cremation lot $400
  • Large cremation lot $1600
  • Call for more options (802) 223-5352