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2008-9 Annual Report

Green Mount Cemetery's original mission (1855) was "to furnish a retreat for the dead which will remain sacredly devoted to that object forever - one which will be constantly watched over by affection, and protected by law, from molestation or encroachment" After 22 years of working at Green Mount, my personal mission for Green Mount is "to provide a personal, natural location for the burial and the memorialization of each and every individual."

Highlights of 2008

Personnel - This summer our main work force of 10 workers with a Supervisor came from the Caledonia County Work Camp. This or a similar type of correctional program of male
and female offenders has been working at Green Mount since 1981. We are extremely satisfied with the overall work production of this past year's work crew.

Compost - This fall a compost area has been developed. We have mixed over 25 loads of leaves with donated horse manure from the Tally HO farm. Once the compost is ready,
it will be available to lot owners for their plantings here at Green Mount.

Drainage - As stated in last years' report one current situation that needs addressing is that the drainage infrastructure for the whole cemetery is 60 to 100 years old. Many of the drain
pipes are starting to show signs of failure and we must begin to fix this problem. Due to the amount of rain during July and August, we have decided to have the City's Engineer design an overall drainage renovation plan. As soon as this plan has been finalized, we will begin to use some of the $52,000 that the Montpelier voters have earmarked for Capital Improvements at Green Mount. We will continue to replace the drainage system as much as the budget allows us to.

Lots Available - There is a wide selection of lots available including cremation lots nestled within a woodland section. Let us know your needs and we will strive toward developing your personalized burial lot.

Road Reconstruction - As in the past year, we will continue to widen our main roads and install drainage culverts according to our newly produced 5 year Road Reconstruction work
plan. Let us know if there is a particular portion of the cemetery that you feel needs attention. There are almost 5 miles of roads - some grass but mostly gravel, thus making this a perpetual and complex project. Again, when you vote on this article, please be aware that no
town funds are used to pay the annual rental payment. This Article only authorizes the release of the town's share of system revenues and other funds held by the trustee for the purpose of paying the town's allocated share of the costs of constructing, financing and operating the system. If a town fails to make this appropriation, the town would cease to be a member of ECFiber and an owner of the system. Its ownership interest and benefits would be re-allocated among the remaining member towns.

Signage - A new sign at the Chapel entrance is being planned in conjunction with other signage for our buildings, roads and sections. Donations toward this project will gladly be

Rules and Regulations - No updating of our Rules and Regulations has occurred since 1954. Hopefully, by the end of the year a new published booklet will be available with updated rules and regulations.

Gift Giving - Giving to Green Mount is truly a community gift. Gifts can be specified toward a certain project or for general use. Present project needs include: Endowment Care funding, Plant Materials (trees, shrubs, perennials), a new Entrance Sign, a new Flag Pole, Entrance Enhancements, Visitor Benches and Monument Repair. Please contact us to discuss your preferred method of presenting a financial gift to Green Mount. Our Commissioners have retained a professional advisor for this private consultation. For a confidential discussion, please contact us at 802 - 223 - 5352 or email at

Tours - Walking tours can be given for individuals or for groups of up to 50 participants. These tours may be scheduled for any time with enough notice. Please call the office at 223- 5352 or email your request to

Town Meeting Day 2009 - At the time of the writing of this report, we have presented a decreased budget to the City Manager with cuts made to labor, delayed equipment purchases and an expectation of decreased revenues from the Cemetery's Endowment Care Fund.

Thank you - I wish to thank the following Commissioners; Meri Nielsen, Darragh Ellerson, Kathy Segar, Daniel Richardson and Jake Brown for volunteering many hours toward the administration of this Cemetery. Thank you to everybody that comment about the cemetery. I appreciate and desire your input. If you have a cemetery question even if it does not directly pertain to Green Mount you can always feel free to call me at work at 223 - 5352 or at home in the evening at 426-3754. At last, I thank the Montpelier Citizens for their continued support for over 150 years of this unique Cemetery.

Patrick Healy, Director
New England Cemetery Association Certified Cemeterian

Statistics 2008

  • Burials - 36
    • 22 Cremations
    • 4 winter burials
    • 2 infants
    • 8 other
  • Lots Sold - 22
    • 15 full burial graves
    • 7 Large family cremation lots
  • New Monuments installed - 10
  • Markers installed - 8
  • Monuments washed - 10
  • Monuments repaired - 4
  • Flower/wreath Placement - 12