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Housing Programs Operated by the
Montpelier Housing Authority

I. Eligibility
  1. Elderly Housing

    In general, to be eligible for elderly housing an applicant must meet the definitions of an elderly family as follows, and meet certain income limitations described later:

    Elderly family means a family whose head or spouse or whose sole member is at least 62 years of age or disabled, and may include two or more elderly or disabled persons living together or one or more such persons living with another person who is determined to be essential to his or her care and well being (live-in attendant).

  2. Family Housing

    In general, to be eligible for family housing an applicant must qualify as a family as follows:

    Two or more persons related by blood or marriage or who are normally expected to live together, or a single woman who is pregnant.

  3. Single Persons

    Single persons who are not elderly or disabled are eligible to apply for most of our elderly buildings and the Section 8 Existing Program. However, we must house all applicants who are elderly, disabled or displaced before we can house a single person who is not elderly, disabled or displaced.

  4. Income Limits

    All applicants for housing must meet one of the above definitions. In addition, the various programs we operate have income limits which are described below:
        Pioneer Apartments: Elderly Housing
    60 Unit Complex - 25 1BR, 35 Efficiency
        Income Limits:
    1 person - 2 persons -
    $40,350 46,100
        Lane Shops Apartments: Elderly Housing
    50 Unit Complex - 41 1BR, 5 2BR*, 4 Efficiency
    (* Two bedroom units must be leased to households of at least two members.)
      1 person 2 persons 3 persons
    80% $40,350 $46,100 $51,850
        Prospect Place:

    58 Barre St. Apts
    Elderly Housing
    29 Unit Complex - All 1BR units
    14 1BR units (12 subsidized, 2 market rent
        Income Limits:
      1 person 2 persons
    USDA/RD $ 46,000 $ 51,800
    50% Priority* $ 25,200 $ 28,800
        Preference for these units is given to those at or below 50% of median income.
        Gould Apartments:
    Elderly Housing
    12 Unit Complex, 12  1BR
        Income Limits:
    1 person - 2 persons -
    $ 50,400 $ 57,600
        (For these units only, admission is restricted to Montpelier residents 62 years of age or older)
        Cummings Street Apartments:
    Family Housing
    20 Unit Complex - 5 2BR, 10 3BR, 5 4BR
        Income Limits:
    1 persons $30,9600  
    2 persons $35,340  
    3 persons $ 39,780  
    4 persons $ 44,160  
    5 persons $ 47,700  
    6 persons $ 51,240  
    7 persons $54,7800  
    8 persons $ 58,320  
        Section 8 Existing:
    Family and Elderly - 122 Vouchers
        Income Limits:
    1 persons $ 25,200
    2 persons $ 28,800
    3 persons $ 32400
    4 persons $ 36,000
    5 persons $ 38,900
    6 persons $ 41,800
    7 persons $ 44,650
    8 persons $ 47,550
II. The Application Process

To apply for one or more of these programs you should call or come to our office. We prefer that you come in person to complete the application. However, alternate arrangements can be made especially when a person is unable to come to the office due to a disability. We can also provide alternate forms of the application upon request.

Please note that criminal record checks are required for all programs. Credit and landlord references are required for all but the Section 8 Existing Programs.

III. Waiting List

If you are determined to be eligible you will be placed on the waiting list of the programs for which you applied.

In general and with the exception of Prospect Place which is a Rural Development Project and Gould Apartments which is privately subsidized you are placed on the waiting list in chronological order in conformance with approved preferences.

The MHA will give preference to families that are otherwise eligible for assistance and that, at the time they are seeking housing assistance are:
  1. Involuntarily displaced and not living in standard, permanent replacement housing, or will be involuntarily displaced within no more than six months from the date of family’s self certification or MHA’s verification, or
  2. Living in substandard housing, or
  3. Paying more than 50 percent of family income for rent for at least ninety days
All three preferences will be given equal weight.

If more than one applicant has a preference, assistance will be given based on chronological application date.

Families not meeting any of the above preferences or priorities will be selected on a chronological basis.

IV. Your Rent
Your share of the rent is based on your income. With the exception of the Section 8 Existing Program, you will pay 30% of your adjusted income for rent and utilities. In the Section 8 Existing Program you may, in certain circumstances, pay up to 40% for rent and utilities.

If we can be of assistance to you, please feel free to call our office at 802-229-9232.

Montpelier Housing Authority
155 Main Street
Montpelier, VT 05602

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