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Attention Hubbard Park Users

<font face="Georgia" size="3">Montpelier Parks is now an official "smoke free zone". Please respect our interest in keeping the parks a healthy and friendly place to visit.</font>

Park Policies, Rules, & Etiquette

Reporting Incidents
If there is an inappropriate incident in the park that you would like to report please do so by filling out the the form in the link below and mailing it or emailing it in or call the parks or police department.

Given open records laws we cannot guarantee an anonymous report if you provide your name, but we can do our best if you would prefer this. Providing your name may help us provide meaningful follow up.

Park 223-7335
Police 223-3445

Incident Report Form

Mail to: Montpelier Parks
39 Main St.
Montpelier, VT 05602

E-mail to:


Guidelines for the Sledding Hill in Hubbard Park

For your safety and the safety of others

1. Be in control at all times
Do whatever it takes to...
Keep yourself and others from being hurt!
Have fun and allow others to have fun!

2. Stay out of the road
Big heavy objects (cars) may not see you, or may be slipping themselves!
Be able to part with sled (fall off) to miss hitting others, trees, cars.

3. Walk up the hill on one side or the other
This allows others to use the hill without running over you

4.“Bigger” people take extra care!
Banging into someone half your sizecan be harmful.
Plus younger, smaller people may have trouble paying attention.

5. Jumps on sides and top half of hill ONLY!
To avoid accidental jumping/injury

6. Feel free to sled down from half way when conditions are fast or hard
There are smaller hills either to the right or above the main sledding hill that
may be more appropriate for the little sledders or during icy conditions.
Smaller children can use the shorter hill to the right.

Canine Code of Conduct for Our Parks

Hubbard Park
• Dogs are welcome in Hubbard Park and may be off leash.
• City Ordinance requires dogs to be under voice control or leashed at all times.
• Always keep your dog in sight.
• Don't assume others want to interact with your dog.
• Carry a leash for each dog you walk, and be prepared to leash your dog as needed.
• Dog owners must pick up after their dogs. Use receptacles provided or carry out.
• Dogs must have current rabies vaccine.

North Branch River Park

• Dogs are welcome in North Branch River Park and must be on a leash at all times.
• City Ordinance requires dogs to be under voice control or leashed.
• Don't assume others want to interact with your dog.
• Dog owners must pick up after their dogs. Use receptacles provided or carry out.
• Dogs must have current rabies vaccine.
History of the Park canine code of conduct. The original code of conduct was developed by a group consisting of the Parks Director, two concerned non dog owners and two dog owners after a large public meeting (2001 or 2002). Another group finished updating the code in the fall of 2013.

Montpelier Dog Ordinance
It is important to the Park Commission and park staff that ALL park visitors enjoy their time in the parks and we ask everyone to do what they can to help make that happen. Thank you!


Bikes are NOT allowed on any trails in Hubbard Park. In Hubbard Park bicycles can be ridden on all roads, whether they are open or closed to motor vehicles (Except during mud season).

There is one trail in the North Branch River Park where biking is allowed. The trailhead is on Cummings Street on the right about one hundred yards before the end of the road. The mountain bike trail connects to the East Montpelier trail system where biking is also allowed.
Click here to download the East Montpelier Trail Map

Biking is limited in the park to reduce the number of trail user conflicts. The parks have a history of more passive uses. For example ten walkers may never see each other since they travel at the same rate. One biker may pass all ten and each of them may be alarmed at the speed of which they are approached.

An important goal for park use is a safe and hopefully peaceful retreat.

Parking and Vehicles
Parking is only allowed in designated parking areas in the park. Vehicles are not allowed in the park during mud season. Mud season is weather dependent but is generally in late March and early April. 

Fires are allowed in designated fire places around the park. Cutting or harvesting of wood in the park is prohibited. Gathering fallen or dead branches is allowed for use in designated park fire pits or fireplaces.


The discharge of a revolver, pistol, rifle, shotgun, air rifle, BB gun, arrow from a bow, or a similar
firearm or weapon within the limits of Hubbard Park, North Branch River Park or any city park is not
permitted without written permission of the Police and Parks Departments.

All of the ski trails in Montpelier Parks are intended for walkers and snowshoers as well. Please be respectful and aware of other trail users. Trails that are not groomed may be steep or have hazards that are thinly covered. Use caution when exploring non groomed areas of the park. We ask that walkers and snowshoers walk in the middle and avoid the grooved or "tracked" part that are made on the sides of trails, when there is enough snow.