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A Brief History of Montpelier Parks

In 1899, John E. Hubbard gave the City of Montpelier a gift of 125 acres of land for a park, since then several other parcels have been added to the park, including 50 acres that was given by "Bud" Heney and his family. Recently, another 9 acres of land has been added to a previously narrow section of Hubbard Park. Support funding from VHCB was key in making this purchase possible. Now Hubbard Park is about 194 acres with approximately 7 miles of hiking and skiing trails, two picnic shelters, numerous picnic areas, a soccer and ball field, a small pond, a sledding hill, and a 54 foot stone observation tower.

  Pictures of Hubbard Park taken almost 30 years after it was donated to the city in
  1899, show the area mostly bare of trees. Earlier pictures show horses grazing of
grassy hillside, with an occasional tree lined fence line and patches of conifers.

This picture taken in 1955 shows the park looking a little more familiar!