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Hubbard Park and North Branch River Park
Spring Trail Conditions

April 17th
Park roads are closed for mud season and are mostly clear of snow and ice and very pleasant to walk on.

Snow and ice are gone from many sections trails but soft melting ice remains on some sections. While the softer ice is not as slippery, the ice and mud still deserve some caution!!!

Signs of Spring
More signs of of spring are starting to pop up. Including a "mysterious" hole in the road between the new shelter and new shelter outhouse. I understand how a hole can appear when there is a frost and water moves underground. The mysterious part is that every year this hole appears but then, later in spring, fills back in by itself. The first years I was here I put gravel in the hole and then at the end of the spring a big mound would rise up in the road.... 
If anyone understand the geology or physics of it we would appreciate knowing... 
or email us your signs of spring!

thanks and happy spring!