Social and Economic Justice Advisory Committee

The Social and Economic Justice Advisory Committee meets on every other Thursday at 5:30 PM via Zoom until further notice.

We are currently looking for new members!  Click here to submit an application for a seat on the Social and Economic Justice Advisory Committee.

Committee Charge

The Montpelier City Council recognizes that historical and ongoing systems and structures in our nation, state, and community perpetuate racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, ableism, and other forms of injustice and oppression. The City Council has established the Montpelier Social and Economic Justice Advisory Committee to assist them in addressing and reshaping the systems, policies and practices that perpetuate these barriers to social and economic justice in our community.   

Specifically, it was charged with: 

  • identifying and nurturing potential projects, policies, and opportunities that address systemic oppression and work toward greater equity within our city
  • engaging a genuinely broad range of city residents in discussing and addressing systemic oppression at the city and community levels in order to move our community increasingly toward equity and justice. 
  • and partnering with other city, county and statewide groups working toward equity and justice to foster long term, far reaching  projects, goals and developments that will ultimately serve to increase equity and justice in Montpelier.

In order to enact the charge, specific activities of the committee include:

  • Organizing and facilitating dialogues that engage a broad range of community members in listening to each other’s experiences of inequality and oppression in Montpelier and the broader community.
  • Attending City Council (and relevant other city committee) meetings to assist members in recognizing potentially unintended negative impacts of policies and/or the unconscious language of exclusion that can so easily find its way into our written policies and other documents.
  • Collaborating with City Councilors and relevant other city committee members to support them in centering the experiences of oppressed groups and individuals as they consider policy and decisions regarding city operations
  • Conducting retreats as a committee to continue to increase the capacity of committee members to address and engage in social and economic justice work
  • Researching and reporting on specific appropriate projects and policies, as determined by the committee in collaboration with City Council, so as to be able to advise the City Council.

Current Members 

Michael Sherman

Julia Chafets

Janell Perry

Lalitha Mailwaganam

Shaina Kasper, Chair

Meryem Pelin Kohn

Bogdan Laurentiu

*VACANT* apply here

*VACANT* apply here