Homelessness Task Force

The Homelessness Task Force meets every Wednesday at 11:30 AM in the City Council Chambers of City Hall.

The Montpelier City Council created a Homelessness Task Force in August of 2019 as a response to growing concern for our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

The Montpelier Homelessness Task Force is charged with providing the City Council with a report in three months that includes:

  • Creative, collaboratively developed short-term ideas and/or solutions to improve conditions for people experiencing homelessness
  • Policy recommendations and concrete ideas for longer-term structural and systems improvement that the City could implement, along with a preliminary budget and timeline for duration of work and implementation

Ideas and recommendations should be supported by data that includes:

  • Information regarding the scope of homelessness in Montpelier and the needs of people experiencing homelessness in Montpelier
  • The systems currently in place in our region to address homelessness
  • The range of concerns, perceived barriers, and potential solutions identified by the community
  • Existing strategies in other cities or states, recognizing that the location of our city requires solutions that are responsive to our changing seasons


Glen Coburn Hutchson, City Councilor representative

Rick DeAngelis

Will Eberle

Zack Hughes

Jodi Kelly, Montpelier Business Association representative

Dawn Little

Cameron Niedermayer, Assistant City Manager, staff representative

Ericka Reil

Ken Russell, Chair