MSAC and CS News and Updates
MSAC Annual Appeal
MSAC members, if you haven't already, you should be receiving an annual appeal in the mail in the next couple of days. We do hope that you will consider making a financial gift to MSAC. "But I already pay taxes to Montpelier or one of the supporting towns! Why should I donate?" It's true, MSAC receives municipal funding; however that funding only covers a portion of our total operating costs (about 21%). We're looking to raise $17,500 through our appeal--only 3% of our overall planned budget for July 2019 - June 2020. Can you help us? We hope you'll consider making a financial gift at whatever level you are able by the end of December. Thank you for your generosity and support of MSAC!

MSAC’s 2019 Sunflower Literary Magazine Published! 
The 3rd edition of MSAC’s own literary magazine, Sunflower, will be on sale at 58 Barre Street starting Monday, December 16. Thank you to editor Maggie Thompson (longtime and beloved writing instructor) and her editorial staff of volunteer members: Jane Bryant, Mary Carlson, Maureen Cooper, Barbara Dall, Diane Jarmusz, Leslie Parr, and the over two dozen members who submitted pieces for this year’s publication! There is no cost for this 56-page bound publication, but we suggest a donation of $1 each to help defray printing costs. Thank you to North Branch Café and Capitol Copy for your support of Sunflower! 

MSAC's Wooden floors on first floor to be refinished over the holidays
We are pleased to announce that we have City Council approval and are moving forward with plans to sand down and refinish the (very tired and damaged) wooden floors in our Community Room, Art Room, Resource Room, and Lobby at 58 Barre Street.  We will be moving all furniture out on the afternoon of December 20, after FEAST finishes, and returning it on Thursday, January 2. From December 21 through January 1, there will be NO access to our first floor for activities or service, and no activities upstairs, either.  During business hours on 12/23, 12/24, 12/26, 12/27, 12/30, 12/31 (some shorter days) there will be limited customer service available from Harry or Norma across the street in the Rec Gym at 55 Barre Street - turn to the right when you go up the stairs.  If the lack of elevator is a problem for you, please call us at 223-2518 and we will arrange to assist you outside or offsite. Registration forms and checks can also be dropped off in the secure lockbox in our side entrance vestibule at 58 Barre Street anytime.  
Ice Rink on Statehouse Lawn
The Rec Department completed the installation of the ice rink on the statehouse lawn this week. Rink remains closed until water freezes. Public is asked to stay off the rink until its opening is announced.

Date Change! Advanced Cancer Support Group
The Advanced Cancer Support Group will be meeting on Dec.15 from 2 -4 pm in the MSAC Resource Room. This is different than the original meeting date of Dec. 29.

Registered voters of Berlin, Middlesex, and Worcester! 
We are still collecting signatures of registered voters in your community in order to have a MSAC funding request appear on your Towns’ Warning. Petitions can be found in the front office at MSAC.

By signing your name to your town’s petition, you are not casting a vote, but rather just helping get our request included on your Town Meeting’s ballot/warning. If MSAC does not appear on your town's warning, and is not approved, there is a chance that you will lose supporting town member perks (especially nice at class registration time)!

Morning Gentle/Moderate Flow Yoga now Open to Ages 18+
Gentle/Moderate Flow Yoga is the linking of breath with gentle movement, a moving meditation that helps connect us with the present moment. Conscious breathing has a profound effect on the nervous system and our emotions. In this class, we will focus on movement and postures that increase strength, flexibility, and balance. Students must have prior yoga experience and be able to comfortably move from floor to standing. Tell your friends!

Continuous OM Workshop with Sarah Parker-Givens
Saturday, January 12 | 3:00 - 5:00 pm | MSAC Studio
This workshop will begin with gentle movement and postures. Gain a deeper understanding of the meaning and symbolism of OM before practicing a 30-minute continuous OM chant. The sound OM, also known as AUM, is an ancient mantra said to contain the whole universe and when chanted in a group is a powerful and unifying experience. We will close the practice in savasana (final relaxation) accompanied by a gong sound bath. Please pre-register at 58 Barre Street - we inadvertently left it off the Winter Class registration form!