MSAC, the 6 "Supporting Towns" & Town Meeting Requests

  1. General info and figures
  2. Summary of FY23 requests
  3. Reports for each town, 2022 Town Meeting
  4. Berlin's Request & Meals on Wheels
  5. Tiered dues & fees

MSAC and Supporting Town Tax Appropriation Requests on 2022 Town Meeting Ballots for FY23 Funding

Each year, MSAC has a request for a tax appropriation appear on the town ballots of six towns: Berlin, Calais, East Montpelier, Middlesex, Moretown, and Worcester (each of which can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page). In FY21, MSAC served over 300 people from the six towns—down slightly from past years but undoubtedly a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, cancellation of some services and programs, and our pivot to online format for many classes. We know that our pandemic response has been resourceful and important to residents of all these towns and appreciate voters’ consideration of the value of MSAC even—or especially—during a pandemic. This year, we are seeking level funding in five towns and an increase in Berlin, with requests to these towns totaling $44,500 and ranging from $1,100 to $20,000. The highest amount is in Berlin where MSAC also subsidizes and delivers Meals on Wheels.

The City of Montpelier subsidizes residents from surrounding communities at a cost of about $106 per person based on an average annual attendance of non-duplicated participants, and level-funding from Montpelier tax-payers is proposed at $159,749.65 for FY23. In a typical year, about a quarter of the people MSAC serves are residents of our six supporting towns, while about 2/3 are Montpelier residents. MSAC staff will attend Town Meetings in person or on Zooms in 2022 and welcome questions from residents of other towns.

Supporting town residents are also invited to consider nominations to MSAC’s Advisory Council in 2022, with one current vacancy and more opening this Spring. Nominations are due March 31; please contact us to learn more or read our Advisory Council page.