20MP006929 December 5, 2020: Statehouse Incident Investigation


On December 5, 2020, at approximately 1345 hours, the Montpelier Police Department (MPD) dispatch received a call for service where it was reported that there was a disturbance (fights) at the Statehouse. MPD officers arrived on scene after the incident occurred, checked with those we could identify as being involved to offer medical assistance, and conducted an impartial investigation so to ascertain the facts of what occurred. 

In response to inconsistent media reporting, substantial attention on social media, and emails and calls to the department about this incident, MPD considers this case to be a matter of public interest. As such, MPD is releasing information about the case now that investigation has been concluded and referred to the Washington County's State Attorney's Office. Of particular note, it is stressed that MPD officers were not on scene when this incident occurred. Officers intervened by breaking up and deescalating situations which occurred in our presence. The department also recognizes the importance and significance of community perception and trust in our agency. 

Sincerely, Brian SignatureBrian Peete
Chief of Police