Drop-in Groups

MSAC Statement on Drop In Groups (adopted 2023):

"Those of us who rely on the MSAC for so many benefits are now working to raise funds so the Center can continue to be a growing, vibrant resource for our community. If you attend a Drop-In session, you know there’s no charge. Everyone is welcome, however, if you can, please think about leaving a donation ($1, $5... whatever you can afford) at the close of the session. Your contributions keep these groups going for you and for those who cannot afford to pay."

Visit our Classes page for our current list of drop-in groups. Most drop-in groups meet weekly and are free. Some groups accept donations. From arts and music, book reading and discussions, to table-top games, crafting, and walking, there's something for everyone! 

Do you have an idea for a new Drop-in group you'd like to facilitate/organize, or know someone who can? Contact us in the office: 802-223-2518.

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Drop In Group Spotlight:

Graffiti Removal Infrastructure Team (GRIT)

See How GRIT Cleans Up The Community!

GRIT 2023 Cover Image

Visit their website to see the slideshow: https://sites.google.com/view/grit-montpelier/home

Have Fun While Helping Montpelier Look Better!

Are you disturbed by the increase in graffiti appearing on buildings, retaining walls, signs, bridges, benches and other places in Montpelier? If so, you’re not alone. Some who have noticed the increase have formed a volunteer group to restore the city’s infrastructure to its pre-vandalized state. (See “before” and “after” photos.)

Known as GRIT (Graffiti Removal Infrastructure Team), the group was founded by Nancy Schulz and had its first outing in May with seven volunteers. GRIT enjoys the support of the Department of Public Works, the Police Department, Montpelier Alive, and MSAC.

Typically, GRIT members identify places in the downtown that have been vandalized and need to be cleaned up. GRIT members scrape off stickers, use wipes treated with solvents, and paint over graffiti. The day and time of outings varies according to the weather.

New volunteers are welcome and you don’t need to commit to regular attendance. You can come just once or as often as you like. The work isn’t physically demanding and requires no prior experience or specific skills. 

For more information, please contact Nancy Schulz: SaddleShoes2@gmail.com