Storm Water Utility Committee

Storm Water Committe Mission:

The committee has been tasked with building out/developing a new stormwater utility and to present to City Council on their findings. The committee will solicit proposals to partner with a consultant to assist with the development of the utility. 

The Stormwater Utility Committee will work closely with the selected consultant to address the feasibility of the utility, the financial impacts of said utility, and engage the public throughout the development of the utility. 

This committee will comprise of the following: (2) council members, (2) staff liaisons, (1) member of the Friends of the Winooski, (3) members from related city commissions/committees such as the planning commission, conservation commission, development review board, Montpelier Transportation Infrastructure Committee, or others and (1) member of the public. 

Committee Members:

Zach Blodgett (staff member)

Kurt Motyka (staff member)

James Findlay-Shirras

Jim Condos

Michele Braun

Shawn White

Tim Heney (council member) 

Dona Bate (council member)