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Water Line Improvement Plan

City Council Approves Water Line Improvement Plan

MONTPELIER, VT The Montpelier City Council approved the Water Line Improvement Plan, setting in motion a 10-year plan to replace water line infrastructure in the most critical need of repair followed by a subsequent 10-year plan to address hydraulic deficiencies within the water system. At the City Council meeting on Wednesday, February 21st, Kurt Motyka, Director of Public Works, presented the plan to bring repairs to water mains that currently contribute to nearly 50% of the City’s boil water notices. 

The plan prioritizes replacing aging water mains with new piping, and upsizing the water main size in certain areas to meet fire protection requirements and the level of current domestic usage. The Water System Hydraulic Analysis performed in 2023 by the City’s consultant Engineer, Dufresne Group, PC, found the scheduled replacement of aging infrastructure to be the most cost-effective way to reduce the frequency of water main breaks when compared to an evaluation of alternatives for reducing system pressures. 

Replacing and upsizing water mains will have compounding benefits for the city and its residents. Upsized mains will reduce the water velocity as it travels through the system, which will reduce the overall frequency of breaks.    

The Water Line Improvement Plan was developed from projected funding based on Montpelier’s Water System Master Plan, which was created in 2016 and updated in 2021. 

Although the July flooding reduced the number of water infrastructure replacements in 2023, Director Motyka noted with the completion of the East State Street project, DPW will have replaced approximately 2.5 miles of sewer main and 3.7 miles of water main. 

“We are very close to meeting the targets when we started with the plan.” Director Motyka said. “That’s a lot of progress.”

Funding for the Water Line Improvement Plan will come from a 1% annual rate increase included in the Water/Sewer Master Plan dedicated to infrastructure improvements. An inflationary rate increase is also included in the plan to cover increases in operating costs such as construction materials, fuel, and chemical treatment. The overall cost of the plan over the 10-year water line replacement schedule is estimated at $10.5 million.  

Currently, the Water Line Improvement Project budget does not include any outside funding beyond three bonds proposed through the state Drinking Water Start Revolving Loan Fund which is available at 0% interest. Grant funding will be utilized in future years should it become available. 

Much of the water line replacement work will be completed in-house by DPW rather than through outside contractors, resulting in additional cost-savings to Montpelier ratepayers.

Water Line Replacement Schedule

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MSK Water Line Inventory

The City of Montpelier has contracted with MSK Engineers to complete an inventory of water service lines in the municipal water system.  Service lines are the pipes that connect individual buildings to drinking water distribution mains. This effort is in accordance with new regulations published by USEPA in December 2021 that require every community water system in the country to prepare a service line inventory. These inventories must classify pipe materials for every service line connected to the water system. This includes your property:  123 Example Street

MSK Engineers will be going door-to-door to observe the material of service lines throughout the water system. An observation typically involves entering the basement, locating the water service line, and recording the pipe material. These visits take approximately 5 minutes. This door-to-door effort is scheduled to start the week of December 18, generally occurring in the afternoon and early evening.

If you will have limited availability during this time, or know that your house was built after 1989, please select one of the following options:

1.  Schedule an Observation:You may call MSK and select a specific time for your observation. Contact Cameron Sundstrom with MSK Engineers at (802) 373-7854 to schedule a 5-minute observation.

 2.  Submit a Photograph of Your Water Line: Instead of having MSK observe the water line, you may self-complete your observation at any time. Use the enclosed Self-Observation Instructions sheet to locate and photograph your water line, or to report that your home was constructed after 1989. 


How is this Project Funded?

 This project is funded by the State of Vermont. All work on this project is provided at no cost to you. You will not receive a bill for this work, and you do not need to provide any financial information.

Local Water Service Questions:

If you have any questions specific to your water service, please contact the Montpelier Department of Public Works at 802-223-9508, or email Jasmine Benson at 

Please do not hesitate to contact either of us with any questions that you have.


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