December 2022 Update from the Assessor's office:

New England Municipal Consultant (NEMC) representatives are currently visiting residential properties for the city-wide 2023 Montpelier Reappraisal. NEMC estimates nearly 70% of properties have been inspected from the exterior thus far.
Please call Jane Aldrighetti in our office at 223-9504 to schedule an interior inspection to help ensure that we have accurate information regarding your home. Commercial properties are being viewed and measured from the exterior with interior inspections planned for this winter.

How does the Assessor's office determine fair market value of a property?
One of the most frequently asked questions about the reappraisal is how we will determine fair market value given all that has happened with the real estate market in the past few years. In response, we will conduct a thorough analysis of the past three years of real estate sales to determine current fair market value. Vermont law specifies that assessments be 100% of current market value.

Will the reappraisal affect my taxes?
Your city taxes are driven by municipal spending, not property assessments.
While most property values will rise, please understand that
an increase in your assessment does not mean that your taxes will increase by that percentage. If all assessments double, the tax rate is reduced to half the current rate and each property owner would pay the same amount of tax. Those who receive state payments will still pay taxes based on household income.

What are the next steps?
You can expect to receive a booklet with Preliminary values in May 2023. You will then have an opportunity to review your new value with the contractor. Official Change of appraisal notices will be sent to all property owners in June 2023, followed by grievance hearings two weeks later.

We appreciate the cooperation of all property owners and if anyone should have any questions, or to schedule an inspection, please feel free to contact our office.

Thank you,
Marty Lagerstedt, City Assessor


  • Appraisal and assessment of all real estate and business personal property.
  • Maintenance of property information records, sales information, and tax maps.
  • Providing information to other departments, outside agencies, and the general public.

Records Available for Review

  • Copies of recent Grand Lists
  • Property record files
  • Tax maps
  • Transfer and ownership information


  • Copies of assessor produced records are available.
  • Copies of records are available in the following formats:
    • Grand List available electronically
    • Paper copies of all records
Copies of documents officially lodged with the City Clerk, such as deeds, plats, and Official Grand List, should be obtained from the City Clerk's Office. Copies of proprietary materials should be obtained from the owner.