City Clerk

Update on 2021 Annual City Meeting, March 2, 2021 

 With the COVID-driven mail-in November General Election and the Secretary of State's decision to waive signature requirements for that election, we expect t have similar procedures for Town Meeting Day but to date we have not received guidance on any changes to previous procedures. Please check back here often or contact us at 223-9500 for updates.---

Things to know about the November General Election (sample ballot below). .  

As per the Secretary of State, everybody is getting a ballot mailed to them with a return, postage paid postal envelope along with the internal envelope your ballot must be sealed in (remember to sign that ballot envelope and fill it in!). If you haven't received yours by the first of October, give us a ring at 223-9500. There are a couple reasons you may not have gotten one sent to you automatically and both are simple to deal with. If you just registered to vote in September, you'll receive your ballot closer to October 3rd.  

We will have a secure drop box behind City Hall for dropping off ballots anytime night or day. This is important as City Hall is still only open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When the building is open, there will also be a drop box in front of the door to the Clerk's office which should make drop off quicker and easier to do and maintain social distance at the same time.  

On the days we are open, you can of course vote in person at the office, but if you don't bring the ballot we sent you along, you'll have to sign an affidavit form indicating you have not and will not try to vote with the ballot you already received (and if you're concerned, the system will not allow anyone to vote more than once either in town or across town lines, but you're signing the affidavit swearing under oath that you aren't going to try).  

The same holds on Election Day. We will be open for people to vote, but you'll have to sign the affidavit. Having everybody in Election Day lines having to stop and sign something means those lines will move even slower than they already would with social distancing. 

As always, thanks everyone. An all-mail election is brand new territory for all of us.

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