Streets Division

Snow on roads

The Street Division maintains 52 miles of paved streets and 25 miles of sidewalk within the City limits.


We are responsible for:

  • Autumn leaf pickup
  • Brush cutting
  • Crosswalk and directional pavement markings
  • Guardrail and bridge maintenance
  • Installation and repair of driveway culverts
  • Installation and repair of roadside ditches
  • Maintenance of street benches, trash barrels and flower planters
  • Maintenance of the City's stump dump
  • Roadside mowing
  • Snow plowing and snow removal
  • Street and sidewalk repairs
  • Street sweeping
  • Traffic signals and street lighting

Our Street Supervisor and 11 crew members also provide support to:

  • The City's First Night Celebration
  • The Independence Day festivities
  • The Winooski River Clean-up Event held every year
Traffic Calming Program
The City of Montpelier's Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program was developed to guide city staff and inform residents about the processes and procedures for implementing traffic calming on applicable Montpelier Streets. See the City's Traffic Calming Policy here.