About the Department

Accounts & Contracts

The City of Montpelier has 24 active funds, 10 departments and 5 labor contracts/employee plans. Montpelier has $120 million dollars in assets and 37 loans that total approximately $35 million. The annual operating budgets for all governmental and business-type activities is approximately $28.6 million dollars

In addition to processing the City’s financial transactions, the Finance Department is responsible for the collection and remittance of tax revenue for the Montpelier-Roxbury School District.

Treasurer Functions

Our department completed a major reorganization which began in 2011 when the city treasurer position became an appointed rather than elected position. We combined the treasurer functions with the Finance Department to increase efficiencies and strengthen financial controls. After retiring as the City Clerk/Treasurer, Charlotte Hoyt returned to city employment in August, 2012 in a part-time finance position which also includes her responsibilities as the appointed city treasurer. Tanya Chambers, our Payroll and HR Manager, oversees employee compensation and continues to work toward our goal of strengthening human resource services as recommended in the Matrix Management Study.

The department also relies on Finance Director, Todd Provencher, Senior Staff Accountant, Ruth Dockter and Accounting Manager Heather Cleveland to oversee daily financial activity, prepare financial reports and assist with water/sewer utility billing. Finance Clerk, Peggy Buldoc provides customer service along with processing our daily cash receipt transactions.

Finance Department Technology Division

The Finance Department’s Technology Division provides technology support services to all city departments. We are pleased that Seth Wood, Technology Support Technician, joined our Finance/Technology Division in May of 2014. Seth works to maintain and safeguard the citywide computers, networks and telephone technology systems.