Sledding Hill Rules

For your safety and the safety of others, please execute the following guidelines:
  1. Be in control at all times - Do whatever it takes to keep yourself and others from being hurt and have fun and allow others to have fun.
  2. Stay out of the road - Big heavy objects (cars) may not see you, or may be slipping themselves!. Be able to part with sled (fall off) to miss hitting others, trees, cars.
  3. Walk up the hill on one side or the other - This allows others to use the hill without running over you
  4. “Bigger” people take extra care -  Banging into someone half your size can be harmful while younger, smaller people may have trouble paying attention.
  5. Jumps on sides and top half of hill only - To avoid accidental jumping/injury feel free to sled down from half way when conditions are fast or hard. There are smaller hills either to the right or above the main sledding hill that may be more appropriate for the little sledders or during icy conditions. Smaller children can use the shorter hill to the right.