Police Department

Response to the Event at the Nation's Capital


January 6, 2021 saw a major disruption of the democratic process within the very halls of our nation’s government. There are many alarming aspects and reports as to why and how this happened. Among them is an image where a law enforcement officer reportedly took a “selfie” with individuals storming the nation’s capital. This is inexcusable, reprehensible and in dereliction of sworn duties. As we wait to lean more of what happened, I commend the many officers and security personnel that put their lives on the line to restore order in a very dangerous, impossible and unprecedented situation. However, what is painfully clear is that as a nation, we need to reaffirm our commitment for peace, mutual respect, and civility- especially in working towards solutions to our most sensitive and emotional challenges. 

Montpelier is the seat of our State’s governance: it is where people come to debate and practice their rights under our constitution. As Chief of Police, my primary concern and responsibility is to ensure the safety and security of our community, businesses and infrastructure, and our State House. Everyone should know the Montpelier Police Department tirelessly works with the Capitol Police, the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, the Vermont State Police and many federal and regional municipal agencies to protect our safety, our rights, and our City. 

Brian R. Peete


The Montpelier Police Department has always recognized and adopted the Internal Association of Chiefs of Police Law Enforcement Oath of Honor:

"On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character, or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always uphold the Constitution, my community and the agency I serve."