Woodbury College

Woodbury College had outgrown its facility at 659 Elm Street. Across the street stood a vacant barn with plenty of space but it was more suitable for cows than people. A 1987 VCDP grant to the city made it possible for Woodbury College to purchase and renovate this building as its new home. Their former home was renovated as a daycare center which is available for students' children while they are attending classes. The city saw this not just as an economic development project which created new jobs but also as a public service project addressing one of the root causes of lower incomes by providing job training and education.

  • Degrees and training offered in
    • Essential Career Skill
    • Mediation
    • Para-legal
    • Prevention and Community Development
  • Job creation, 30 full and part-time employees
  • Job training and educational services to low and moderate income household
    • 93% of Woodbury College students receive some financial aid
  • Renovation of the barn
  • VCDP: $189,500
  • Other Funds: $860,396
  • Total: $1,049,896
Woodbury College After Renovation