North Branch River Park

North Branch River Park stretches along almost a mile of the North Branch River. A wide, multi-use path runs along the river, and in the hilly terrain above that is a network of smaller multi-use trails, including some trails that are open to mountain biking. The park also includes important wetlands and is home to a diversity of birds and other wildlife. See the links left for Park Rules and history.

See the park map for information on trails, access, and permitted uses.

Thank you for not leaving trash in the park. Carry out whatever you carry in. Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

Natural Features

Natural park features include: 

  • An old stand of hemlocks that provide shelter for deer in the winter
  • Classic riparian buffer
  • Mixed stands of trees
  • Wetlands registered as nationally significant
  • Relatively young stands of hardwoods and softwoods
  • River shore, including several small beaches
  • River

This park also has some unusual geological features including sharp ridges, gullies and several seasonal and year-round streams that feed into the North Branch River. Industrious beavers have built the wetlands into a series of small ponds.

Photo Credit: Dona Bate

NBNC Heron 1