Trail Conditions and Maps

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Use of our trails varies by the season.


In our parks and throughout Vermont, spring is MUD SEASON. From the early thaw well into April, wear boots and be prepared. The Hubbard Park road is closed for a few weeks at this time of year to help minimize the impact and make sure our roads can remain open the rest of the year. 


This is the height of trail use for walking, hiking, running, ambling, bird-watching, wandering, and mountain biking. Most areas should be pretty dry, depending on the amount of rain we've had.


The trails tend to stay pretty dry through the fall, as long as we haven't gotten too much rain. Enjoy the foliage, and watch out for hidden rocks and roots under the leaves.


Certain trails at Hubbard Park and North Branch River Park are groomed for nordic skiing as soon as the first good snow falls. Wear good snow boots or snowshoes for walking, and after a thaw be sure to put on ice-walking gear (Yaktrax, Kahtoolas, or other ice spikes). Trails ice over easily when it thaws and then refreezes, so it's a good idea to look at the recent weather patterns. Some trails are also open to fat biking (see Park Maps).

Trail Etiquette

Our trails are shared by skiers, walkers, dogs, sledders, snowshoers, bikers, and people of all ages and abilities. In summer, please be conscious of others and alert to dogs or people up ahead. In winter, we ask that walkers stick to the harder packed snow at the center of the trail and leave the edge to the skiers. If we have enough powder we lay cross-country ski tracks (parallel grooves) along the edge of some trails, and we ask that walkers, snowshoers, and dogs be especially careful not to walk in these tracks.

Snow Grooming

If you are looking for freshly groomed trails, we most often groom in the morning off-peak hours (between 9 and 11 am), then sometimes again (depending on conditions) in the afternoon off-peak period (between 1 and 3 pm). We occasionally also groom at night or in the early morning when we get nice new snow over a good base. Visit our Facebook page for real-time grooming updates. North Branch River Park is groomed less frequently, with most of the trails there left un-groomed for folks who like skiing through powder


After a fresh snow we groom Hubbard Park first, then North Branch River Park. If weather predictions for the near future include temperatures rising above freezing we limit grooming as the packed snow can turn to ice when it refreezes.

Other Winter Trails in Montpelier

Onion River Nordic Ski Club also maintains networks of ski trails throughout Montpelier. These include, but are not limited to, the winter trails off of North Street, at the Capitol City Golf Club, at U32 and at Montpelier High School. Visit the ski club's website for more information about these trails and trail conditions.