Shelter Use Guidelines

The Old and New Shelters may be reserved for use in four hour blocks of time. Visitors are welcome to use shelters without making a reservation, however people with a reservation have priority. Reservations are posted on the shelter the morning of the event. If you are at the shelter without a reservation, visitors must honor officially posted reservations. Groups of over 100 people should fill out a group permission form at least 6 weeks ahead of time to give the Parks Commission enough to to review the request.
The Old Shelter
This shelter is somewhat bigger and more secluded. However, since it is on a hillside and has stairs leading up to it, it is unfortunately not handicapped accessible.

The old shelter has four to five picnic tables, a nice view, a fireplace, a water fountain (in warm weather), and a field to play games nearby. There is a soccer / softball field about 200 yards down the hill in the woods. There is also an outhouse nearby.
The Old Shelter Pavilion on a sunny day
The New Shelter Pavilion surrounded by large green trees
The New Shelter
This area has four to five picnic tables, a small barbecue grill, a nice lawn area, and a water fountain (turned off in colder months) and an outhouse. The walk to the tower is a relatively flat half mile walk. This shelter and outhouse are intended to be handicapped accessible. Please let us know if it does or doesn't work for you.