City Manager

An Open Letter of Gratitude to City Staff

November 2nd, 2023

Hello all,

Once again, I am in awe of our staff’s ability to jump into action in service of our City. Often it takes a tragedy to remind us of what we’re thankful for, but I am reminded every day when I see the faces of our amazing staff.

I wanted to take a moment and point out the incredible collaboration and teamwork of City employees during last night's fire. Firefighters – Police – Public Works – our Mayor – communicators in all departments = all working together in real-time to respond to this emergency, share information, and keep our community safe. 

Our emergency responders, along with the teams from our neighboring communities, did an outstanding job containing the danger and keeping the public safe. It is because of their efforts no people were harmed by the fire. 

This was another devastating tragedy on top of a very trying year, and yet City staff keep showing up unwavering in the face of adversity to serve our community. We have been through so much, and unfortunately, disasters like this show us the true value of a City government that’s capable and ready to respond to whatever life throws at us. 

I am honored and privileged to serve this City beside you. After all, government is nothing without the people within it - and we've got some excellent ones here in Montpelier. 

Thank you.

- Bill


The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the City.  Appointed by the City Council, the City Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the city, advising the Council on public policy, and ensuring that their policies are carried out in a professional manner.  

The City Manager is responsible to the City Council for the administration of the affairs of the City including:  

1) Ensures that all laws and ordinances are enforced

2)  Exercises administrative control over all departments

3) Makes staff appointments and removals

 4) Prepares the annual fiscal budgets submitted to the City Council for review and adoption prior to the annual meeting
5) Attends meetings of the City Council, takes part in the discussion, provides requested and relevant data, and makes recommendations for the determination of policy as the City Manager may deem expedient
6) Acts as purchasing agent for all City departments, except schools;
7)  Set salaries and wages of all employees under the City Manager’s jurisdiction in accordance with fiscal budgets and personnel policies
8)  Administers the personnel policies, job classifications, and pay plan and take final action on all personnel issues for positions under the Manager’s administrative control

 9) Delegates responsibility for administrative duties to department heads and subordinate officers
10) Perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Charter or required by the City Council.