Meeting Spaces



City Hall has two adjacent meeting rooms, the Memorial Room and Council Chambers, which can be divided by folding a screen. Reservations for meeting rooms at City Hall can be made by calling Mary Smith in the City Manager’s Office (223-9502) or e-mailing her at

City Council Chambers

This room is located on the main floor near the rear of City Hall, and the fee is $75 per day, or any part thereof. The City Council Chambers has a horseshoe-shaped set-up of 9 desks; a round table inside the “shoe” which seats 6-8 comfortably; and approximately 16 “audience” chairs. This room has a projector and pull-down screen.

City Hall Room

Memorial Room

The adjacent room is called the Memorial Room. This is the most popular meeting space for outside groups. This room can seat 30-35 comfortably (without tables). There are 5-6 folding tables which can be used. The rental fee is $50 per day, or any part thereof.


Lost Nation Theater space (on second floor of City Hall) can be reserved by calling LNT at 229-0492 or 223-9607. The capacity on the main floor is 712. Because this space is used for the City’s Annual Meetings, occasional Farmer’s Markets, and of course the theater, etc., it is important that you check the availability of this room well in advance.

A rental fee structure has been set at different rates for different events. There is a non-profit rate and a for-profit rate, an hourly rate, daily rate, and weekly rate. Rental fees can also be waived by the City Council for events that serve a convincing public and community good. LNT’s rental policy rate sheet and further details can be obtained by calling one of the above numbers or by emailing: