Murray Hill

Although "Murray Hill" has been used to refer to the homeowners association in the past, the Murray Hill CAN! area extends beyond the development's borders to include surrounding homes. Please view the map to see what areas are part of Murray Hill.

Organized Sections
Currently, 2 sections of the Murray Hill neighborhood have organized:
  • The Murray Hill Homeowners CAN! Group is primarily composed of 84 homes in the Murray Hill development. The Homeowners group has recently established connections with some of the homes on Main Street.
  • The Towne Street neighborhood is a small neighborhood adjacent to the Murray Hill CAN! and is comprised of Towne Street, North College Street, and Sunset.

Neighborhood Map

Murray Hill Neighborhood Map
Some areas outside the Murray Hill homeowners association and the Towne Street community may not be presently served by a CAN! leader.
Murray Hill Homeowners Association
Welcome to the Murray Hill Homeowners CAN! Group! The Murray Hill Homeowners CAN! group is experiencing new energy! We are 84 homes in Murray Hill, and recently we established connections with some of the homes along Main Street that are also a part of the CAN! neighborhood.
Murray Hill Sign

Community Involvement

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