North Street

North Street Area Safety Notice
Dear Neighbors, we have had a couple incidents and close calls in the neighborhood recently and wanted to remind everyone of some summer safety tips to keep in mind. These are also good to share with your visitors too!
With an increase in bikers and walkers in the summer months, we should all be careful to keep our dogs in our yards. We have had a couple of strays and roamers around the neighborhood in the past few weeks and had a nasty incident with a biker being bitten. Make sure that your pets are vaccinated, especially if they are inside/ outside animals in a tightly residential area.

Cats are harder to keep tabs on, so talk to your neighbors and try to identify who owns which cat, that way if there is an issue you know who to connect with. If you have a cat that has been a problem in your area, one recommendation that a vet suggested was to spray them with a water gun, though getting permission from the owner to spray is respectful.

Neighborhood Map

North Franklin Street Neighborhood Map
Bikers & Walkers
Let’s watch out for the pedestrians as we drive up and down the street, there are an increased number in the summer and at the same time we are driving faster without the slippery winter weather- a dangerous combination. Remember to back out of your driveways slowly, looking both ways for smaller and slower traffic like kid and bikes. With the hot weather and kids home from school there seems to be more distracted driving, please be careful.

Bikers, think about your speed as you come down the hill too please. Some bikers really get going much faster than the speed limit and there are a lot of kids and potential obstacles.

Even though it is hot, remember to lock your cars and be thoughtful about leaving the doors to your house open. There have been a few burglaries further up North Street (in East Montpelier) and this is the time of year we had some car break-ins last year.

Thanks for keeping these thoughts in mind so we can all have a safe and happy summer!

Other Things to Consider
  • Resource List: Our resource list continues to grow- lots of folks who can help out with tasks. Let us know if you can offer help or if you or a neighbor needs a hand with something.
  • Donations: We continue to seek donations to help support the summer events and potlucks. There will be a collection jar out at the next potluck.
  • Planning Committee: The Planning Committee meets about once every other month. We would love some more bodies in the group.
Community Involvement
Join the conversation in the North Street Neighborhood. See ya' at the next potluck!