A sub-area of the Berlin/Hill Street neighborhood, the PleasantHood neighborhood is composed of the residents of Valerie Avenue, Shady Lane, Wheelock, Pleasantview, Roberts, and Phelps streets. Welcome to our neighborhood community for sharing friendship, resources, and possibilities!
Neighborhood Activities
Our lovely neighborhood's varied activities have included casual meetings of a "cohousing" group at various homes for the sharing of tools, kitchen implements, and labor; the organization of neighborhood livestock and gardening coordination and sharing; and a Neighborhood Potluck and Variety Show at the home and yard of Dave and Emily Keller.

Neighborhood Map

Berlin Street Including PleasantHood
This annual event has morphed over the past several years from a pie and ice-cream social with a bit of a jam session to something of a great eating event and showcase of our enviable local talent. We look forward to next year's party!

If you live in PleasantHood and are interested in getting involved, please contact Chris Sumner. Join the conversation in the PleasantHood Neighborhood.